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Full Version: Xbox Kinect accuracy rumors refuted by Microsoft
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A couple of days ago we wrote a news item for you on Microsoft quadrupling Xbox Kinect's accuracy (from a resolution of 320x240 pixels to 640x480 pixels) in a software update that was soon to come. This update would allow developers to see and detect hand rotation and finger movement with the usual play distance. This update would even allow for a different types of Kinect games.

Microsoft has just responded to the rumors...

Kinect Accuracy Update Refuted
Now, Microsoft explains that the news - which came from an unnamed source speaking to EuroGamer - was "completely unsubstantiated". An MS Kinect spokesperson told CVG:
We're constantly working to expand and improve on experiences for Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE, however, this rumour is completely unsubstantiated. We couldn't be more pleased with the fidelity of the technology and clearly consumers agree given we sold more than 2.5 million units around the world in the first 25 days Kinect was on the market.
Sure, we know you are constantly working on improving your services. However, we feel that Microsoft will bring the update to us... but not just yet. When Kinect will be in stock again and sales for Kinect are somewhat in decline, then we may see an official statement from Microsoft announcing their new found accuracy for the Kinect Sensor. The reason we feel this way is that the hardware does allow the higher resolution, but the software is not ready for it yet (deliberately or not, I guess we'll never know).
"Xbox Fall update 2011"
Well, I guess we will have to wait a bit longer. Our prediction for the accuracy update: Xbox fall 2011's update!

Are you having fun with Kinect as it is without the increased accuracy, or is the unreliability of the sensor simply killing your fun? When do you predict Microsoft to unveil their accuracy update (if any)? Be sure to get Kinect to test the sensor with the current version of the software, and report back to us if you have. We would love to hear your stories!
Source: CVG

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