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Full Version: Rumor: Kinect SDK Beta release is imminent
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Are you ready to get all the tools you'll ever need to create your own Kinect enabled applications for Windows? Are you ready to create innovative and revolutionary software? Well if you are then you are in luck. Today is May the 16th, the day that was previously accidentally announced by Microsoft as the day the official Kinect SDK Beta would release!
The release of the Kinect SDK
As of now we haven't heard anything about a release or an announcement of an official release date, but today the 3 day North American Tech-ed 2011 event kicked off and this would actually be a perfect moment to either release the Kinect SDK or to announce a release date! So we expect an announcement within 3 days from now! We'll keep you updated on any developments!
Why use the Kinect SDK?
The Kinect SDK will give you full power over all of the Kinect Sensor hardware components. You will be able to track 2 people at once, and use the microphone to register where sound is coming from! With this you will be able to create applications in Windows that can be controlled by motion and speech. We also believe that these exact same tools will later on be incorporated in XNA, meaning that you will be able to create your own Kinect games for Xbox Live, and make money with it!

Want to get a head start with game programming for Xbox Live? Then these books will help you!

Anyone here that has done XNA before? I'd love to hear your experiences with the tools!

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