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I'm watching some Just Dance 3 for the Kinect...

Looks like a straight port of JD3 for the Wii, meaning, mostly arm dancing. And the people are playing it like they play JD2.

At least the idea of 4 player is interesting, as is the idea that you can make your own dance and can upload it.

typical JD players... feet set in stone and arm dancing...

It may be typical JD dancing, but I'm wondering if it gives you better scores or something if you use your legs...if its sloppy, it will be a failure...They have had to play DC already lol
Hmm I had a minute to browse around...I found some of the videos that feature 4 players...I have a different opinion on this game...the way it is setup for 4 player is awesome. You have to work together like a dance group...I may be buying this one too...

Here's 4 player - notice how the routines are paired in two's and individually:

Here's a 2 player routine:

So I'm curious now if there are different routines based on the number of players...Not sure, DC2 may actually have some competition as JD is trying something totally different, I don't recall previous JD's having multiple routines per person.
I think the 4 player aspect is the selling point and it's more about just moving around and having fun. The dancing isn't as good as DC2 looks. And we have to wonder if JD3 is mostly covers again like JD2 and JD1. Covers are okay because you can have full length songs but sometimes the covers are bad. What I really want to see is mixed versions of the dance songs. Like some songs that are called "dance" songs are good for radio but when you see it transformed at a night club, it just takes up a whole notch.
Yeah I agree, the 4 player looks freaking awesome to be honest, I don't think JD is using covers, I watched the other video with the LMFAO song in it, and it sounds just like them, I don't think they can find people that exact. DC2 did improve their moves finally...they seem to be on a real pro level now, I watched this one:

It just looks like it's going to be a blast Big Grin
If I was making a dancing game I would have picked a better Daft Punk song, like something from the Interstella 5555 movie.
LOL That song is classic, back in my raving days, them and paul oakenfold that was like all we listened to lol. Not one word in the song just one of those listen only types lol, it's also off their first album, the movie used their newer album's tunes...

The real question is though who is going to use full length songs, I think JD does from what I've watched but it seems like DC shortened them again....doh!
Yeah, DC uses shortened songs and I think it has to do with licensing costs. If JD3 has full length like JD2 and JD1, I bet there are a lot of covers. JD1 and JD2 had some real songs but most were covers.

I had fun with JD2 but it didn't really seem to track dancing very well. You enjoyed dancing more for dancing with friends and the music. And my arms would get tired. You'd think the light weight of the Wiimote would be nothing but dancing for half an hour and your arm is tired (especially since the moves are hand-heavy with little footwork besides sidestepping and tapping). I don't think it's just the weight. It's also the notion that you have to grip the controller the entire time or you'll drop it. And it sucks that you can't switch hands to equalize the tiredness.
Hmm ok I think I decided to buy JD3...I didn't realize its only $40 instead of $50...now my problem is how does the stupid exclusive thing work? I'm guessing you have to pre-order, but from what I read, buying it from Target gives you Airplanes and Only Girl in the World....where the Best Buy one gives you the 2 Katy Perry songs...but I like Rihanna over Katy...so do I just get it from target? This is so stupid. I doubt they will release DLC for this as well. I can't see 3 different versions going around the US...its just dumb! lol
which Katy Perry songs? Is there a list somewhere?
E.T. and Teenage Dream


watching those vids, I think I'd go for the Katy Perry songs. but yeah, it wouldn't matter for me anyway because I'd never preorder JD3. I might preorder DC2. I only preorder if there's a special deal that'll save me money. I'm not into preordering to play the game first, get avatars, etc.

I thought you never buy games anyway. You do all Gamefly?
LOL No I buy games if there is replay value. I know its kind of stupid but if I can only play a game once through and not want to play it again, then its not worth it to me which I feel like 90% of the games are like that. Even CoD is like that, sure there's lots to do, but once you get all of the campaign and multiplayer done, all thats left is just to keep restarting your multiplayer characters level. JD3 I forgot about the create dance mode, which takes it to another level...I want to see if I can mimic the dance portion from LMFAO's song and recreate it Tongue
Damn - I don't buy my games from either place. I'd like to have the two Kate Perry songs and Rihanna's Only Girl. I hope we can at least grab those via DLC if we can't get it from the start? Just Dance 3 has a very kick ass selection! I'll have to buy both DC2 and this. Thanks for posting the vids!

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