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Full Version: Scoop: Dance on Broadway Kinect Game listed
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Always keeping a list of Kinect Games up to date is not that easy, especially not if online retailers keep listing Kinect game after Kinect game. This time, dp247 contributed his Kinect find to the complete list of all Kinect Games. The newly listed Kinect title is: Dance On Broadway, a game by Ubisoft that is to be released in 2011.
This game will let you dance and act the very best of Broadway Musicals! A new genre in the making?

Dance on Broadway Kinect
Kinect Game Genre: Music / Dance
Age: 7 Years and above
Publisher: Ubisoft
Release date: 14 January 2011
Dance on Broadway Kinect Game Description
Sing, dance and act in the very best of Broadway musicals, from classics to the most modern tunes, experience the magic of Broadway in your living room!

Are you waiting for a Kinect game like this? Feel free to browse your local retailer for availability and pricing! This game requires a Kinect Sensor in order to operate (What is Kinect?)
Thanks dp247!

Article: Scoop: Dance on Broadway Kinect Game listed
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