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Do you already have Kinect and you're not sure about which games to purchase now? GameSpot has tried some of the games and came up with a score and short review for each of them. This should help you trimming down the list of games, however, don't rely solely on these scores and reviews as you might still enjoy a game to which GameSpot gave a low score.

We have reviews from our readers for some of these games as well, so don't hesitate to check them out (by clicking on the title of the game).
Kinect Games: scores and reviews
Dance Central
GameSpot Score: 8.5
Mini-review: Dance Central welcomes wallflowers and hot steppers out on the dance floor with great routines and engaging visuals.

GameSpot score: 7.5
Mini-review: The minigames are shallow and repetitive, but Kinectimals is too lovable to stay mad at for long.

Kinect Sports
GameSpot score: 7.5
Mini-review: This motion-controlled sports collection doesn't do much for solo players, but it's fun to play with friends both locally and online.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved
GameSpot Score: 7
Mini-review: It's not the evolution the title leads you to believe, but this fitness product is a good first step at using Kinect as an exercise tool.

Kinect Adventures
GameSpot score: 7
Mini-review: This motion-based minigame collection is inconsistent, but it gives you a good excuse to start leaping and scrambling around with your new Kinect.

Kinect Joy Ride
GameSpot Score: 6.5
Mini-review: This motion-controlled racer is fun, but it'd undoubtedly be better if you could play it with a regular controller.

GameSpot score: 6
Mini-review: Though the novel camera feature fuels some goofy fun, DanceMasters only holds lasting appeal for dedicated dance fiends.

Sonic Free Riders
GameSpot Score: 4.5
Mini-review: Lousy controls hinder almost every attempt Sonic Free Riders makes at being a fun racing game.

Fighters Uncaged
GameSpot score: 2
Mini-review: Poor motion controls and unrewarding gameplay prevent you from having any fun at all with this terrible fighting game.
To view the complete list of Kinect games you can read our dedicated web page. If you want to order any of these games, then go to your local web shop.
Source: GameSpot.

Article: GameSpot reviews Kinect games
My hate for gamespot and I find there extremely biased opinions I mean someone on here gave fighters uncaged a 8 they gave it a 2 as I doubt they know how to play it
Exactly, not sure why this post even exists to be honest. :::shrug:::
Terrin is right. GameSpot has been known to give view biased reviews. Let's not forget that Jeff Gertsmann from Giant Bomb worked there and gave Kane & Lynch a bad review and ended getting fired over it. Here's what Wikipedia said.

"Gerstmann was dismissed from his position at GameSpot as Editorial Director on November 28, 2007.[2] Immediately after his termination, rumors circulated proclaiming his dismissal was a result of external pressure from Eidos Interactive the publisher of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men which Gerstmann had previously given a Fair rating, which is relatively undesirable, along with critique.[3] This was at a time when Eidos had been putting heavy advertising money into GameSpot,[3] going as far as transforming the entire website to use a Kane & Lynch theme and background instead of the regular GameSpot layout, regardless of which game or page viewers were seeing. Both GameSpot and parent company CNET stated that his dismissal was unrelated to the negative review, but have never cited any reason why his termination was deserved.[4] In accordance with California State Law and CNET Networks, GameSpot could not give details as to why Gerstmann was terminated.[5] Following Gerstmann's termination, editors Alex Navarro, Ryan Davis, Brad Shoemaker, and Vinny Caravella left GameSpot, feeling that they could no longer work for a publication that was perceived as having caved into advertiser pressure.[3]"
I'll repost what I posted in the main article:

I think "professional" reviewers should have to post a video of themselves playing when they review Kinect games so we can see whether the game is crap or they're just crap at playing it, lol! I'm actually serious though, there's difference between moving a stick & pushing buttons and controlling games with your body. It's an extreme example but if a reviewer who praised NBA2K11 then went out to play real basketball but was crap at it would they give real basketball a low score?? How about Fight Night 4 vs real boxing? "Real boxing sucks, I got knocked out in under a minute, got a bloody, broken nose and currently can't see properly out of my right eye. 1 out of 10!"
exactly to both of you.

and Gamespot hates on ms as they don't advertise there often *I havn't seen a single kinect add there yet whikle other sites are smeared in them*
On that note its sad as some people who base a game on a review go there *as they are largest gaming news site for traffic out there*
I know we need to make 123kinect more popular Tongue
haha ist hard to say its gaining members sense the launch but it comes with time and content for that. I am nto sure if "causal" gamers will visit alot of kinect websites
Right well hopefully MS does a good job with kinect where casual gamers buy more than just kinect sports.
I am praying we do not get the wii effect
I know it's making me nervous. I understand the problem with the Wii...Nintendo has always been like...secret keepers, so they won't release source to the developers and they have to guess on the controls, that's why only Nintendo developed games work very well with the wiimotes. Now, Kinect on the other hand, is all open source....

The only thing I am thinking is going on, is developers didn't get their hands on it until maybe E3, so possibly they didn't have enough time with it compared to the in-house MS dev teams....
well all games were using a very standard engine still had access to the source code but they onyl got the codes I think 12 months at most before launch so most companies didn't have the normal 2-3 year development time to make great games or use unquie engines
Right, let's keep crossing our fingers Star Wars and Forza fix this nonsense Big Grin
well the first non basic engine game I know of is child of eden, and by any means the worst kinect game *excluding motion sports as it dosn't work* is better then any non 1st party wii game
This is true, I think any non 1st party game for wii doesn't even equal to half of a crappy kinect game lol
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