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Full Version: My weight loss challenge using Kinect
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Hey guys,

Im new to these forums so bare with me Smile..

Anyway, I got kinect for my birthday yesterday and i thought last night when i was in bed that i would start using it for weight loss. Im about 15 Stone at the moment and im 5"8 and 23 years old. I would love to get down to about 11/12 stone so im looking to lose about 3 stone at least.

Im going to cut down on my chocolate/take-aways and other junk that is not really required (boredom eating).

My only game at the moment is Kinect Adventures but i will be soon purchasing Your Shape Fitness (about a week) and Kinect Sports (Xmas Time)

I will update this thread with how ive been going on, with weight loss recordings too at a weekly basis.

Today was my first proper go of kinect, and i was on it from 12pm - 8:30pm with breaks inbetween.

I am severely aching now though and was very hot/sweating.

Any Tips and advice would be gladly welcome Smile


LOL I'm need to lose about the same I'm about 14 1/2 stone, i like to get under 14 with in a week.
Kinect seems that it has the potential to help me lose the weight thats why im going to give it a serious try Big Grin
Thats the only reason I bought the thing to get fit and lose weight and maybe have some fun in the process.
Maybe we should have a weight loss leagueDodgy
8 and a half hours?!?! That's pretty crazy already, but you only played Adventures for that entire time? Wow, that's some real motivation.

I can't play Adventures for even 30 minutes...I get bored of it.
I'm on the journey with you through the Kinect! Good job on the new found exercise. I was going to tell you, if you have just been sedentary and need to start moving again, I would begin with the Kinect Sports, which has table tennis, bowling, soccer, boxing, track and field, and volleyball, and it's so much fun....and it's still a workout. It doesn't seem as strict and stiff as "having to exercise". Everyone who has played the sports game gets tired. Best wishes and maybe we can keep each other updated.
Thank you,
Alisha, Oklahoma, USA
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