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Full Version: Brunswick Pro Bowling //NEW GAME!
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i think ima stick to kinect sports bowling.
Heya ZappyGetz, This game is already in our List of All Kinect Games. So, it's not really that new, sorry Wink
I do have some news though for this game! Tongue

Apparently it's been held back another week. We are looking at a release date of 12/16, but let's hope it's for the better!
the game got bad reviews on the wii and the move. I don't think the Kinect can save it. I think they're releasing it, hoping to capitalize on a game-hungry Kinect audience. it's already heavily discounted on the other platforms due to poor sales. heck, Amazon has the kinect version $20 more than the move version.
It depends on what they are doing to it. So just my guess, the developer realizes that kinect is the way to go, so possibly they are spending more time on it to make it work because they released the wii version back in like 2007, which is like an eternity ago in video game years TongueAnd the PS3 version came out sept. 23rd, when the move was released on the 17th of sept, so they probably didn't care and had to rush it out whereas MS is giving them time. I just hope it's good.

They are however the same guys who made Game Party: In Motion for kinect and that one works well for the most part, so we'll see!
Ugh bad news with this game. It's been delayed now until 3/31/11. Typically gamefly is up to date on release dates (they usually get games the day before so they are in "the know" when it comes to release dates) and they have not available until 3/31. I guess its good though because we may have a real bowling game finally!

Update: Newegg seems to be second to get the updated release dates:
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