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Full Version: Here is my Epic Kinect Story
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Original Plan:
Have some friends over for Kinect and drinks. Do that for a bit then go out to the bars and continue evening.

What Really Happened:
Started playing Kinect Sports on Friday at about 4. Just me and a friend. We did some bowling, table tennis and boxing. Around 5ish, some of our female friends showed up and my wife had me fire up Dance Central. To get everyone... in the mood... I showed off my mad skillz with some "Funkytown". Soon, EVERYBODY was dancing. Dance Battle after Dance Battle we always had at least 2 people competing with 2 backup dancers. Did I mention we had beer, wine and cocktails a plenty? Also, I highly recommend doing Dance Battles without doing the Break It Down beforehand.

The Freestyle Videos were hilarious!!! Too bad we don't have to option to upload those... yet (rumor is that HMX is working on adding this feature). Because they were legend... wait for it... dary! There were usually between 4 and 5 people in every freestyle video doing all sorts of crazy moves. People started to wind down after a few HOURS of Dance Central, so I popped in Kinect Sports. Slight inebriation + Javelin (and/or long jump and/or hurdles) is funny. I was, however, worried about my TV and my loosely resting Kinect sensor on top of it though, as alcohol seems to impair one's judgement on "moving in place" for these events. Bowling... funny. Boxing... hilarious. Track and Field... priceless.

Also, I could barely move my entire torso for 2 days straight due to boxing. I don't even remember the last time I've been that sore and I've been steadily playing Kinect since I got it. I'm still sore today. But I digress...

The second wave of invitees arrived at our house and we had to bust out Dance Central again. It's about 11:30 at this point. More Dance Battles, more awesome Freestyle vids. We finally took out the game at roughly... 2 am... only to put in Kinect Sports again. This time, though, we had an injury. During Soccer, one of our female guests kicked an end table we "thought" was out of the way enough. We didn't take into account the "cocktail" factor though and her foot was swollen pretty bad the following day. After a few of these events, we wound down by watching some Zune Movie Previews using my magic Kinect hand gestures. End time... 3 am.

By the end of the night, I had 4 of our friends wanting Kinect and Dance Central, 2 of which own PS3s for Rock Band and Blu-Ray, asking how much to get it all and trying to figure out ways to sell things (like a useless Wii) to afford it. Out of everyone we had over, only 1 guy did NOT play Dance Central, but did opt in for table tennis and boxing. He had NO problems laughing at the rest of us though. I also was forced into doing "Funkytown" at least 3 separate times because the ladies loved the "Tick Tock" and the "Disco Fingers" (don't know the actual names) moves that I do. Many photos and some videos (I think) were taken though... so I am looking forward to seeing these show up on Facebook/YouTube soon.

The highlight of the evening though was when at one point, my wife turned to me and said, "Best. Purchase. Ever."

Please share your "Epic Kinect Stories".
i loveeeee it lol
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