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Full Version: Kinect Adventure Pics
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Is there an easier way to go though the Pics of kinect Adventures? Right now I have to stand there and see only 3 at a time. Then you need to hold your hand there if you decide to delete it or upload it. Very time consuming. Is there a way to see them online without uploading them? Then you could delete them from the xbox. Could you use the controller to go through the pics?
No, I think you've pretty much figured it out. It may be easier to upload all of them and then go through them on Kinectshare.com. That should at least make browsing them a little better. Haven't tried using a controller, but I doubt it works.
Ok.. thanks for your response.
Use KAExtract software.

With this and the files from your Xbox360 (easily recovered with a flash drive) you can obtain all your kinect adventures pictures without the boring and time-taking manual upload process on feet for hours.

^ Can you explain how it works?
(04-12-2011 08:33 PM)HazyCloud Wrote: [ -> ]^ Can you explain how it works?

It's tricky on the first time.

To put the pictures in xbox format on the flash drive:
-First you need a flash drive configured as Xbox storage( in the console you can do this on the last My Xbox menu).
-In the xbox, find the memory menu and find kinect adventures files
-Move all kinect adventures content(the upper folder with "A" icon) to your flash drive, (then I recommend to move back to your xbox your "progress/savegame file" from between the pictures).

Now in your PC, transform them in common JPG image files:
-Now plug the flash drive on your PC and use "xtaf explorer"(google it) to find the kinect adventure files.
-Just extract them all to some folder of your PC and use the KAEXTRACT on them to extract / convert them in sinple JPG that you can print, share, publish, store.

It's tricky, but you can do in a couple of minutes without ever connecting to that terrible kinectshare.com where you have to download one by one and end up in downloading only some of them because of it's terrible interface with scrolling pages.
Thanks for the reply. Thanks given.
(04-15-2011 06:55 PM)HazyCloud Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for the reply. Thanks given.

Let me know how you like the program. Please?!!
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