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Full Version: Weight loss challenge 2.5 stone down this year - Now with photos
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Hey there my names Tom im 21 and have recently began in the world of full time employment having graduated from Unviersity last year during which I also worked weekends in a shopping center.

The reason I tell you this is the university life style with lack of exercise and working in a shopping centre I would frequently eat bad things of a lunch time and be there from 8.30am-7.30pm + travel time so eating habbits were bad and far between! I also went throught a stage of hardcore gaming on stuff like WOW and addiction to energy drinks.

So my new job since late November has been a 3day a week contract but next week im going 5days a week which will be great, more active and less snacking and during y lunch breaks ive been taking a quick walk to the town and back (just over 2miles in 30min).

After Christmas I decided ok I NEED to loose some weight and purchased the kinect (having been keen on it since the early milo days) and since then ive been using yourshape and Biggest loser for around an hour per day along with a diet tracking website/app http://www.myfitnesspal.com/

In the last 10days ive lost 7lbs Big GrinI plan to keep it up and then maintain my weight, i've been keeping my diet below 1800cals per day, often end up around 1200 after exercise and im making sure I eat 3 healthy meals per day. Ive completely cut out pop (used to have a few glasses per day) now drinking around 7 pints of water per day.

Weighed myself today at 252.3lbs (still 7lbs less then starting weight)

I plan to join the gym soon too, just matter of cost and no income being a new job and a month in hand Dodgy


7 lbs in 10 days is really great!

You could add next to your shape and the biggest loser also other kinect games. Even though they don't target weight loss, it requires some extra effort, and it's fun (e.g. kinect sports or dance central). Plus, by the time you're skinny you'll be an amazing dancer as well.

Though, you might want to have a small healthy snack (e.g. an apple) between lunch and dinner, it keeps your metabolism up and running. And another thing, if you exercise twice a day, you burn more calories overall; it doesn't have to be twice as much, just have the workout split in morning and evening as after exercising you continue to burn calories, thus more post-workout calories burn. I haven't try this one yet (no time) but my trainer at the gym says so and it kinda makes sense.

About gym: if you can do it at home, then you can continue like this until you can afford going to an equipped gym. As long as you are motivated and continue with the programs you're following now, you can be successful at home too!

Let us know about your progress!
Hi Tom, It sounds like you are off to a good start. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you and keeping up with your progress. I am on a challenge as well and have a thread here. Hopefully we can keep each other motivated on this challenge. I will subscribe to your thread so I can keep up with your progress. Do you plan to weigh in regularly and post progress?
Heya Tom,

Good to hear about your weight loss challenge!and the fact that you see Kinect as a good tool for you weight loss?.

Looking forward to reading your updates dan progress!

Keep it up!
Well weighed myself today about an hour having having just got back from work and having a late lunch only 2hours ago (server was playing up and we a switch port went so was no break time!)
Weight in basically the same as my last weigh in (but that was done in the morning) which from experience makes quite a difference and having eaten only an hour or so before I presume the results will be positive, I know you can weight up to around 5lbs more of a night or after meals with food and water weight then you do in a morning after your 9-10hours of no eating and drinking. Need to get out of the habit weighing every other day and do it once a week really!

Check out my achivments too for an idea of progress or add me on XBL to compare on yourshape leader boards and try out my challenges Smile

My GF has borrowed yourshape this week till she can afford it (payday Friday) as she brought a kinect last weekend too!
12.5lbs down now Smile
Way to go!!! Thats awesome! What is your calorie intake? Ive been doing my kinect but Im not doing so well in the calorie department.
Keep up the good work and it will pay off.
My target is under 1600 and Im only eating the exercise cals if its more then 300burn.
I havnt been on the kinect for about 5days before that last weigh in, was away all weekend had a takeaway and ate in the pub one night too so id prob lost a few lbs more, but Im not being super strict so I do things like that and still see a gradual improvement, its much easier that way and shows you can easily maintain your weight even if you were eating fairly casual.

Ive noticed Im never as hugry as I used to be, at the pub I go for healthyer options e.g. sunday I had a grilled chicken breast with peas, jacket potatoe and peppercorn sauce rather then my old fav a juicy thick local sourced beef burger with bacon cheese bbq sauce and chips lol. Prob save myself 700cals on just that! + diet drinks only make it near 1000cal saving at a pub meal Smile

Been playing dance central just for around 30mins altho most of that was break it down mode and the workout monitor doesn't seem to add cals then, 30mins almost and it only said 50 which seemed very low!

Oh and check my achievements Smilebiggest loser and yourshape have cal burn target achievements!
Little update, weighed myself this morning at 239lbs exactly! Pretty much over 20lbs loss (my 259lbs was my weigh in weight after 2weeks of owning the kinect as I didn't have scales) Nice to be getting into the 16st bracket Smileaim to be under 15stone for summer.
Awesome, keep going Wink
WELL DONE!!! I'm really happy for you and very impressed. I hope I can follow in your footsteps! Kudos.
(03-13-2011 07:21 PM)bondbill2k2 Wrote: [ -> ]Little update, weighed myself this morning at 139lbs exactly! Pretty much over 20lbs loss (my 259lbs was my weigh in weight after 2weeks of owning the kinect as I didn't have scales)

Sorry, how is coming from 259 down to 139 a 20lbs loss? Huh
(03-16-2011 03:08 AM)wazza Wrote: [ -> ]
(03-13-2011 07:21 PM)bondbill2k2 Wrote: [ -> ]Little update, weighed myself this morning at 139lbs exactly! Pretty much over 20lbs loss (my 259lbs was my weigh in weight after 2weeks of owning the kinect as I didn't have scales)

Sorry, how is coming from 259 down to 139 a 20lbs loss? Huh

Heh, it was obviously a typo (239).

But well done Tom, you're doing really well.

I find I'm 4 or so lbs lower in the mornings than in the afternoon or evening, so I always weigh myself then!

One other tip I'd give is drink more water. You're probably carrying quite a lot of water weight and if you drink more water (only water works, not juice or diet drinks) you're body will rid itself of the excess. It'll also help combat any hunger you have.
havnt been on the kinect for 2weeks due to moving stuff around the house etc not having room, should be back on it this weekend tho. Last weigh-in was 236.5lbs
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