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Full Version: Ea sports active 2 multiplayer
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Hi guys,

Couple of questions about EA sports active 2.

1) With the multiplayer locally, do they need to buy heart rate monitors to play too, or can they play with me and not need heart rate monitored?

2) Are there rechargable power packs for the heart monitor or do you have to just use rechargable batteries instead.
Unfortunately the additional heart rate monitors is the only way for additional people to work out far as I know there is no charging pack for them.
Does it take double AA batteries or AAA.

I've just ordered for £29.99 on, but I'm a bit worried now about all the glitches the people are complaining about. Hopefully the february update will fix those anyway.

Have you experienced any glitches or freezes? Does installing the game help if there are?

Any idea what the december update improved and if it has stopped the freezes?

Also I'd like to ask with the custom trainer workouts, do you have to manually go and pick your exercises to put in them or does the trainer put a random selection together based on time to train and area of body you'd like to exercise as seen no videos of this feature, which seems a good feature.
It takes AAA, so I'm sure you can use rechargeables, not sure how long it lasts. I don't play it often so the batteries are still good.

I only had it freeze one time, I didn't install it so not sure if that will help. Not sure what the december update does, but you do have to have it updated in order to use the new DLC.

There's actually a few programs that you can choose. There's a 9 week program that works everything out. If you miss a workout, you can reschedule it, and it readjusts your schedule so you don't miss anything. There's also a shorter 3 week program that you can choose if you don't want the full program.

You can also choose what you want to work out in pre-programmed activities, like there's a quick 10 minute workout or one for an hour, ones that specifically work on your abs, one for muscle, etc. There's actually quite a few. Once you choose a program, you can also choose which activities you want to do or not do in each workout. It's very friendly so I will give it that aspect, whereas Your Shape it's more pre-defined.

Since writing the previous question earlier I saw a review and forum post that said that the PS3 and Wii versions use AAA, but the heart monitor on kinect version is bigger and bulkier than on those ones and requires 2 AA batteries instead of the AAA in the other versions. Seen that on 2 forums. Don't know if the terms AA and AAA are the same meaning in USA and UK, so since there is a bit of confusion as Zeeman has said its different.

I'm sure you are right zeeman, but I just want to confirm by AAA you mean the smaller sized (1.7 inch) batteries rather than AA bigger batteries (2inch length).

AA batteries are the ones you use in the xbox 360 controller for reference.

The reason I'm asking is the unboxing video on youtube the batteries look like AA to me, but since a bit blurry I'm not 100% sure and he could just have small hands.

- look 1 minute and 2 seconds in.

On another note, if you have a workout group or would like to start one. Or indeed if 123kinect would like to start one then I'd like to join. I lost most of my weight on the wii EA sports active and wii fit, but now I'd just like to get rid of a bit of abdominal fat now. So if you are interested let me know.

And it is now priced £30 on for the xbox version in case anyone is interested. So can't grumble at that price.

Some other questions:

1) Do you have to activate the game before you can join a workout group on the web as I already got an EA account with Fifa 11, but seems I can't join or create one at the moment. The buttons are there, but click on them and the page just reloads the same. Probably find out when the game arrives.

2) As far as the running goes, what is the maximum run you can go on for the game and how accurate is the running on the game. On the wii fit it says I can nearly match Rodger bannister's 4 minute mile by doing a 5 minute mile, which I very much doubt. lol. Therefore, I'd be pleased if the kinect EASA2 was more accurate on the running and you could do longer distances. Obviously not fit enough for that yet, but would be nice to be able to build up to that level.
Oops my bad, I just is 2 AA batteries. I was thinking of something else recently that I had to put AAA's in.

Anyhow, when I first popped the game in, EA sent me an email automatically tied to my EA account, so I think it then does activate the web features.

The running is ....wierd I suppose you can call it. You can run your butt off and your character on-screen only moves so fast, I believe it does this based on how you normally run to keep you at a pace in the game...but it's not accurate to the speed you are really running, but realistically I haven't seen accurate running in Kinect Sports either...that area probably needs some tweaking. Hope that helps!
TheZeeman for the multiplayer you say that you need to have 2 heart monitors. Is that just so you can do a complete workout schedule, or is there an option for doing 2 player run for instance with the kinect. I can understand that 2 controls are needed for wii and move, but seems silly on the kinect.

IGN review says you can do 2 player, but if the 2nd monitors haven't been released yet how could they? They also do quite a moan about it on the kinect in the review, so I'm surprised the fact you have to spend another £70 to do 2 player hasn't been included as one of their bug bears.

However, I think in the same review they also say the heart monitor is optional - which suggests you can play without it on, which sounds pretty dubious to me as I've heard people moaning it pauses when batteries die. So IGN may be wrong. Which cool if you can say you have one over on them thezeeman.
No actually it won't let you do any of the excercises if it doesn't detect the monitor. I'm going to guess its for safety reasons as some of the excercises are very extreme. The 2nd monitor is available from EA's website:

We tried 2 player, one without a monitor and it won't let the 2nd player work out.
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