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GAME RELEASE: Champion Jockey (UK)

GAME RELEASE: Champion Jockey (UK)
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Champion Jockey uses the motion control functionality of the Kinect to simulate the jockey experience with a high degree of accuracy and gameplay potential. Players will learn how to use the horse's reins and whip as well shifting their body-weight to ride their thorough-bred to victory. In addition to controlling their horse, players must understand its unique rhythm, potential, stamina and preferred racing style to truly master the game.

For players looking for a more accessible experience, Champion Jockey will include control modes that tone down authenticity and maximize the physical, accessible fun of motion control. Champion Jockey will be a horse racing experience that everyone can enjoy.

Champion Jockey will also support a host of Network features – a large step-forward for horse racing video games. Online Multiplayer Races, Live Jockey Rankings and a range of DLC will be available to players.

Finally, Champion Jockey's development team have put great effort into reproducing the European and Japanese horse racing world - incorporating both flat and jump racing. Players will feel the unique thrill of competing in detailed realizations of the European and Japanese horse racing worlds.


  • 4 online players mode (confirmed by gamespot)
  • Fun mode (arcade) and Sim mode (confirmed by gamespot)
Release Dates:
UK/EU - 2nd Sept 2011

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