Another re-review of another launch title. This one didn’t get much publicity when it was launched so in case you never heard anything about it, here you go:

You may not be able to digitize yourself and put yourself inside a game, but  this may be the next closest thing. The good times never stop rolling with this  collection of 16 party games that use Xbox Kinect to control the action on screen. Choose from classic games and new favorites, including arcade standards  like Rootbeer Tapper and Table Hockey. Play darts, shoot hoops, and more. You’ll  need to use your entire body to control your character. The multiplayer party  can happen in one room or online, where you can challenge friends to  head-to-head competitions. You can even link to your Facebook page so everyone  can keep up with your achievements.


As a party game, this game is quite good as there’s a mixture of different things to do. As for a single player game or online, it does lack in that department. If you need some more party type games to add to your collection then this one does the job.

The Menu

The menu uses this invisible hover and lock system with swiping to change menu items. It is one of the strange ones but it works. You have to hold your hands at your waist in order to confirm an action. The menu breaks up the game compilation into 3 categories – Action, Outdoor and Precision. There’s also an Options and Tournament area as well. As usual, I’ll break each down.


These areas consist of the games you can play. I’ll go into detail about each and provided a video as well. As I mentioned, this game is really for more than person or a party type event so the single player can seem really quite boring.

Hoop Shoot
Hoop shoot is like your arcade style basketball game. You can use one hand or two, but I found it easier with one hand. You have a certain amount of time to score as many points as you can. Hitting no backboard or rim scores you 3 points with everything else giving you one. It’s pretty self-explanatory, check out the video below:

Root Beer Tapper
This one mimics the old Atari one, serving root beer to customers. You have to step left or right and do a push forward motion as you were sliding a glass down the bar. It works for the most part, but can be over sensitive at times, and the number of customers just causes frustration. Check out the video below:

Skill Ball
Sill Ball is like your normal alley ball, skee ball, and whatever else they name it. You do an underhand motion and try to score points. This one does have a little sensitivity issue, but it works for the most part. You can view the video below:

This one is like whack-a-mole except with trolls and you don’t really use a whacker. You use your hands and feet, there are a row of trolls on the floor and a row about chest height. You have to have some good eye/hand coordination to do well with this one. You can see the action below:

Table Hockey
This is just air hockey. You play to 7 and the controls work for the most part. The only issue I had is a personal preference where I don’t feel like there is enough air under the puck. It does add in good fun though especially with someone else and not the computer. Here’s the video of it:

Tic Tac Toe Face-Off
This is a new way to play Tic-Tac-Toe, but the only problem I had with it then and now, is your avatars feet are too big and it gets frustrating trying to step on the squares. Basically whatever lights up, whomever steps on it first turns it into their letter. Player 1 has X’s and player 2 has O’s. Score 4 horizontally, vertically or diagonally and you win. The video follows:

Double Racquets
This one I had a lot of fun with and still do. It’s a racquetball style game, except with 2 rackets, one in each hand. I think what makes it fun is because how accurate it is. It’s the only tennis style game that I’ve played where you can miss the ball because your racket moves up and down and angles are determined accurately. Anyhow, each player has 1 ball, you whack them back and forth and first one to score 15 wins. The video explains it better:

QB In Motion
This is a QB style game with targets that go across the screen. You also have 3 avatars trying to tackle you while you are trying to throw so it becomes quite a mess. You can sidestep the tacklers though and a train/bull sound queues when they charge you. Check out the video below:

Horseshoe Hysteria
This is your typical horseshoe game, it does take a while but the only issue I had with it is that points don’t get cancelled out. I can see it would have made for a longer game, but still, I would have liked it better if it was the full rules. It works though for what it is. Here’s a long video of it:

Bocce Ball
This one works very well, and follows all the normal rules. It can become quite a long game, but there’s not more to it. Check the video out:

Bag Toss
This is cornhole, bag toss, baggo, etc. It works for the most part, but again, there’s no cancellation in it. Also, you take turns which seems to take forever and there isn’t any object detection so you can’t hit other bags which makes it quite odd. Here’s the video below:

Darts has 2 different game modes, 301 and regular darts which covers 5 rounds with 3 darts each. 301 is normal rules and darts allows you to score as much as you can in the 5 rounds. You aim by leaning your body in different directions then locking it in. Then you toss a dart like normal. I don’t know as this point if I prefer this method or the Kinect Sports 2 darts method. Both have their ups and downs. Here’s a video of 301:

This one is shuffleboard, not sure why it was renamed. Anyhow, it follows all the normal rules and works pretty well. Here’s a video of it:

Pool Hall Party
This is an American style 8-ball type pool game. It works, but it doesn’t allow you to call any shots. It would have been cool if other modes were added but it is what it is. As you can see in the video below, there are some crazy shots that can be made:

Puck Bowling
This is like bowling but using the shuffleboard pucks. It works pretty well and follows the normal bowling scoring method. Check out the video below:

Ping Cup
This is your normal, to the college kids, beer pong style game. You could still involve alcohol and it makes for a fun game. The rules are a bounced ball removes 2 cups, a straight in shot only removes one. Here’s a video of it below:


The options are fairly basic covering the Settings, High Scores, Tutorials and Changing your storage device. The settings allow you to turn the ready state on or off, which in some of the videos that bar that fills up and dings is the ready bar, and it does become quite annoying if you don’t turn it off. The game help shows in the beginning of what to do and you can turn this on or off as well. Lastly, you can adjust the music and sound fx volumes.


The tournaments area is pretty cool. You can set up a bracket type style tournament for any of the events, up to 16 people. Each person gets their picture taken and can set up an avatar, which would take a while, but it can be done. If you have a lot of people over, this one fairs very well.


As I mentioned, this one is great for a party game, as for everything else, its mediocre but because it supports so many people, I’ve given it an above average score. This is one of those titles that didn’t get much publicity in the beginning and you can pick this one up for next to nothing as well. If you’re looking for something different, give this one a shot.

This review is based on a retail copy of the Xbox 360 version of Game Party In Motion
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