Another fitness title saturates the market, this time with renowned Harley Pasternak. If you haven’t heard about this title yet, here’s the quick synopsis:

There’s looking good, then there’s looking good enough to walk down the red carpet with the world’s eyes on you. Slim down and tone up with the same workout used by Hollywood stars in this fitness program designed by celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak. Use his proven 5-Factor Fitness program to create a customizable workout you’ll perform for 25 minutes a day, five days a week. Run, jump, squat, and more in a variety of A-list worthy environments, including a beachfront condo and a Hollywood Hills mansion. Harley helps track your workouts, provides tips on proper form, and offers nutritional advice so you get the maximum benefits from your workout.


Unfortunately nothing makes this one outshine any of the many others already in the market. This particular one was also brought over to the Wii and it should have stayed there in my opinion. There’s really not a lot to it as you can tell from my review.

The Menu

The Menu is controlled either via voice or the hover and lock method. What I found strange is I turned on my controller to test that as well. You can navigate with the controller but none of the buttons work so I’m not sure what the point of it was. Anyhow, the menu items consist of Complete Programs, Single Workouts, Fitness Tracker, Videos, Multiplayer and Options.

Complete Programs

This section allows you to choose one of 3 programs, each with the option to run for 5 or 10 weeks. The 3 programs are Light Body Toning, Getting Red Carpet Ready and A-List Celebrity Workout. Every single workout is 25 minutes so unfortunately if you want to have a quick custom one for 10 minutes, for example, you will have to look elsewhere. The exercises are pretty standard, and in the beginning you are asked if you want to use your own resistance weights or a Harley Bar.

Single Workouts

Single workouts are where you want to go if you don’t want to do a program, however, like I mentioned earlier, they are all 25 minutes, no exceptions. Here is the list if you are looking for something specific.

  • Surf ‘n Sand
  • Super Hero
  • Diva in Training
  • Swimsuit Season
  • Sports Athlete
  • Lose That Baby Weight
  • Beach Body
  • Strut The Runway
  • Action Movie Star
  • Upper Body Burner
  • Sexy Legs
  • Ab Toner

Now the problem I had with this title is that you can be lazy, and I mean Wii lazy which is why I referred that it should have been left on the Wii. I made a video of the Surf ‘n Sand portion and when I started the jumping jack portion, I purposely did not move my legs to see if it works and it does, so I wasn’t very impressed with this title. Check it out for yourself:

Fitness Tracker

This section consists of a few things that keep track of your progress. Workout Journal keeps records of everything, that’s really all there is to it. Personal Data just allows you to adjust your weight as you lose or gain it. Photos allow you take a before and after picture of yourself so you can compare. Exercises keeps a record of your best and total reps for each type of exercise. Lastly, Achievements just keep track of your achievement progress.


Basically this section reminded of buying a Harley DVD and just watching it. They are broken up into 4 areas; 5 Factor Nutrition Tips, Workouts, Lifestyle and Extra. This is all this section is, just an archive of videos.


I really wouldn’t call this a multiplayer section as all you can do is issue an online challenge to one of your friends. Finding one of your friends that has this title may be a little cumbersome though in my opinion.


The options consist of General options such as enabling subtitles, settings the time of day to random or real-time and changing your resistance weight from either your own or to the Harley bar. The audio section allows you to adjust the volumes of music, dialog and sound effects. The last option is to correct your identity, in case you want to switch profiles.


The controls work from what I played, but as I mentioned you can be very lazy. There are some floor exercises and its more of a work at your own pace type of workout. I didn’t always get 100% accurate detection but that could have also been on my end as well.


Unfortunately, there’s nothing new here and I wouldn’t recommend this over the many other fitness titles out there. Working out is typically not fun or enjoyable as you get tired, so allowing laziness in this type of title isn’t a good thing in my opinion. Sure if you were able to have Harley as a personal trainer like the Hollywood stars do, then it’s definitely worth it, but I felt this was basically a DVD with some bonus interaction via Kinect. If you are looking for a new workout title, I’d suggest passing on this one and waiting for something more extravagant.

This review is based on a retail copy of the Xbox 360 version of Harley Pasternak’s Hollywood Workout
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