What else is new, definitely not another fitness title, but for those that haven’t heard of this one, here you go:

Your living room is about to become an elite fitness facility! The Nike+ program that’s helped countless athletes elevate their fitness level combines with Kinect to create a revolutionary home training program. The customizable program lets you work with the same Nike trainers who help some of world’s greatest athletes take their games to the next level. Using Kinect, your virtual trainer will monitor and analyze your movements, making sure you get maximum benefits from every rep by providing real-time feedback. If you’re looking for extra motivation, you can connect to both the Nike+ and Xbox Live communities to share a workout or challenge someone to a little friendly fitness competition.


Unfortunately there’s nothing special about this one. In a nutshell, it’s a very basic fitness title that has the Nike brand slapped all over it. I was expecting some more out of the biggest sports brand in the world, but it’s definitely not here.

The Menu

When you first start-up the title, there actually isn’t a menu. You are required to take their fitness test which really doesn’t test anything. After you complete this test of about 20-30 minutes of time wasted, you can then get into the menu. It’s kind of using a hover and swipe method except it’s not very good. Half of the time it doesn’t pick up your movements and this is only the first part of the problems. Anyhow, the main menu categories are Personal Training, Group Training, Gallery and Options.

Personal Training

After you complete your so-called fitness test, you decide when you want to work out as well as some other options. After your 4-week program is chosen, your first option is to continue your program. If it’s not a day that you are supposed to be working out, then this option is locked out and you’ll have to find something else to do. The next option is Track Progress. Under here there’s a few more options, but it’s basically all information. You can view your calendar on days that you are supposed to work out and the total time for that session, view your program history which is basically just a tally of how many of each type of exercise you have completed and your fuel print.

Fuel print is broken down into categories, Fitness and Athleticism. Fitness measures your endurance, flexibility and strength, although I wouldn’t necessarily call it accurate. Athleticism measures your speed, reaction and agility as well as your balance and power, but again, far from accurate. After it’s supposedly measured, you are given 2 numbers based on your tests. You can then retake this test at a later date to see if you can do any better.

The other options in here is your history of how well you did in the test broken down into each exercise you performed. Compare gives you the option to compare your fuel print to the community (searchable by choosing Men and Women from ages <20 to 50+). The last option is to retake the test.

Quick Start

This allows you to create a quick session to workout with if you can’t or don’t want to follow your program. The options here consist of the session type which is broken down into Strength, Weight and Cardio. You also get to choose the difficulty ranging from Easy, Medium, Hard and Intense. Lastly you can choose the workout length ranging from 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes.

Challenge Drills

I suppose this area is the only section that has a little different flair to it. In here, you can choose a weekly challenge which is just one of the other challenges listed below that are offered during the week. Split Decision is this Hole-In-The-Wall clone and it’s nothing really special. Hardcore hurdles has this little plank of wood that you have to virtually jump over as fast as you can. Dodgeball has incoming balls thrown at you at a ridiculous pace and you have to kick soccer balls back. High Knee Sprint is just as it says as well as the Leg Matrix and Power Push-Up. Unfortunately there’s nothing special here.

5 Minute Session

If you want to grab a quick 5 minute session, it will randomly choose 4 types of exercises/events to play within a 5 minute period. It’s very mediocre at best, but I did take a video of it. Now in this video you will notice everything wrong with this title. During the high knees, I purposely show that as long as your knees are high, it registers and you don’t even have to run. In other titles, they make you run, if you don’t, your character doesn’t move – makes sense to me. This title however makes no sense at all and forget about the floor exercises, you magically float underneath the floor in the game. Anyhow, check it out for yourself:

My Settings

Under here you get to change some of your options that you may have selected earlier. The first being your program goal. You only get 3 goals to choose from being Strong, Lean or Toned. If you want other goals, you will have to look for a different title. Next are your workout days. You can choose any amount of days ranging from the full week. Next is your trainer, there’s only 2, Alex or Marie so choose wisely! The next option consists of the environments which are a Yoga Studio, Gym, Urban Court and Outdoor Field. From the video above, I don’t even think environments matter as you workout with a wall throughout everything. I suppose if you get sick of an environment you can turn them on or off. Exercise Info just plugs into PlayFit. Lastly, you can reset your program.

Group Training

Group Training does allow some multiplayer action, the first being able to Workout With A Friend. You work out with them online, which is always a welcomed feature but we can only imagine how long the servers will be online for. The next option is to Take On The World, which was locked for me so I’m not sure what you have to do, but I’m assuming it’s just a challenge against other people around the world, which leads into the last option, Leaderboards.


The gallery doesn’t really consist of much. It lists your achievements, a section to view Athlete Messages which are just motivational sayings and Videos from the trainers.


The options are also pretty self-explanatory. The first is a Nike+ Account. When you first start the title, it does ask you to register or you can skip it. This creates an account on the Nike+ website so you can track your progress online. You can also link it to your Facebook account. Next is the A/V Settings which just adjusts your volume. The next options are the speech commands, which I found none of them worked no matter what I tried, mind you, I’ve never really had voice issues until I played this one. The next option is Privacy which just allows you to block your stats from sharing them with the world. Tutorials covers some basic areas within the title if you don’t know how to do some of the exercises and last are the credits.


I was really expecting this title to have a ton of sports themed workout/exercises in it but it’s only a very bland fitness title slapped with a brand name on it. I’m assuming they think the name is going to sell it but we all know better. Adidas miCoach did a much better job at it and I’m a huge Nike fan so I am quite disappointed. The graphics are also below par, for what graphics there are. The whole wall thing just doesn’t make any sense to me and I found that you need a ton of room for this one. Zumba doesn’t even require as much room as this one does, it’s quite ridiculous. I’d steer clear of this one even if you love Nike as much as I do.

This review is based on a retail copy of the Xbox 360 version of Nike+ Kinect Training
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