GameFest Steve Ballmer will present Kinect at GameFest in Spain!
Still doubting Microsoft’s commitment to make Kinect a success? Then listen to this. Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, will come to Madrid on October 8 to present Kinect, the revolutionary video camera where you become the game controller for Xbox 360.
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The presentation will take place during Gamefest, the first edition of the international fair organized by GAME video game in Madrid from 8 to 10 October. The submission of Kinect by Steve Ballmer is scheduled for Friday, October 8 at 17h at IFEMA.

Kinect brings a totally new and unique dimension to gaming and entertainment: the ability to play with your whole body. We are pleased to have Steve Ballmer disclose the key to this revolutionary experience.
- Daniel Cervantes, Director of Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft

MicrosoftCEO Steve Ballmer will present Kinect at GameFest in Spain!

Steve Ballmer - Microsoft's CEO

We are pleased to have the presence of Steve Ballmer in this first edition of Gamefest, one of the most influential people in the world during the last decade, no doubt a great support for this fair which is destined to establish itself as the most important of Southern Europe.
- Paul Crespo, Director General of Spain GAME.

Well, I’m not sure if there are any other game fares in Southern Europe, but if you want to check out Kinect and live in Spain then be sure to visit GameFest!

Kinect is a revolutionary motion sensing device that lets you enjoy the best interactive entertainment by using only your body, and no controller. Kinect be available in Spain on November 10, 2010, exclusively for the Xbox 360. Pre order today.

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