If you’ve been struggling with winning on Championship difficulty level at Track& Field, Beach Volleyball and Boxing then you must have a look at the videos Rare prepared for you, available in full post.

This part (2) of Kinect Sports Game Guides contains videos for Track & Field, Beach Volleyball and Boxing. If the information in the videos is still not enough for you to succeed, then check out the links provided for additional tips available on Rare’s blog.

Kinect Sports Video Guide - Track & Field

Still need help? Check out the extra Track & Field tips on Rare’s blog.

Kinect Sports Video Guide - Beach Volleyball

Rare’s blog contains more tips on how you can improve your gaming skills. Check out the page for Beach Volleyball.

Kinect Sports Video Guide - Boxing

For additional tips, check out Rare’s page on Boxing.

Now that you have all the information you need to be awesome at your favorite sport, go and have some fun with Kinect Sports. It’s your time to be the winner!

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