After the first Kinect All Access that was all about looking back in 2011, and forward in 2012, it’s now time for episode two. This time it’s filled with Kinect Star Wars and some Zumba Fitness Rush, as you can see in the video above. Below, just the Kinect Star Wars part is outlined as there’s where most of the new info is at.

Kinect Star Wars

For this game, 5 modes will be available: story, duel, pod racing, laser cannon and rancor fight mode. What is striking is that there’s no information on the dancing that was revealed by the ESRB rating, so this probably mean that if it’s part of the game then it’s not that big of a part anyways.

To get back to the modes that are supported: In the story mode your left hand will be used to control the force, and your right hand is reserved for light saber moves. Jumping will help you ‘flip’ over an opponent. In duel mode you can fight those from the dark side like Dooku and Darth Vader, but the moves are comparable to the story mode.

Pod racing is also part of Kinect Star wars and moving your arms and pushing forward for a booster is what’s needed to win the day. In movements sense, this mode is similar to the laser cannon one. Finally, the rancor mode is also part of Kinect Star Wars and seems fun, although unpolished as well (the movements of the girl of Kinect All Access are not necessarily well translated in the Rancor’s moves).

By the way, in my view the guy doesn’t do a very good job in coming across as genuine which may actually hurt some people’s expectations of Kinect Star Wars.

Next time in Kinect All Access? A demonstration of Mass Effect 3!

Thanks to 123KINECT visitor Yaniv for submitting this news!