Kinectalloons (originally named Balloon in the House) is an upcoming Kinect adventure video game created by JSTV Media. Kinectalloons is on the popular Kinect game Kinectimals where you can interact with your cub through balloons and do tricks to raise up your level. The Kinect game is set for May in the US and June in Europe.


Kinectalloons was announced in November 2010, and planned to start developing on November 15, 2010. It is a separate game that is not an add-on to Kinectimals, nor is it created by the developers from that game. Meaning, we still have to wait wether or not the game will be any good. Either way, the video game has been added to our list of Kinect Games.

If there will be more info available around this game, then we’ll be sure to let you know.

Is your experience with Kinectimals a reason for you to keep track of this Kinect game, or are you all done with animal Kinect games?

Source: Wikipedia
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