Welcome to the another edition of our “Kinect’s week in review” where we give you a quick summary of the most important Kinect news of this week. If you’ve missed some of the news that came out this week then this is the ultimate article to quickly get back up to speed!

Fruit Ninja Kinect

The very first Xbox Live Arcade title with Kinect support came out this week. Fruit Ninja Kinect is an almost flawless rendition of the immensely popular mobile phone based fruit slicer and although it may only be fun for short playing session the way it has been translated to Kinect is awesome and it’s a total blast to play, especially in multiplayer! You can read the full review right here!

Protect your office-space with Kinect

The hack that we wrote about in this article might be the coolest way you can protect your valuable office space. I was seriously thinking about building this awesome turret and putting it on my desk at work but after showing my boss he kinda disagreed on the whole idea. But still, the idea of having a Kinect based turret is really cool and if you have the skills to make something like this I really think you should give it a go!

No Swords and guns and Fable

Molyneux announced that Fable the Journey will not have the traditional Fable weapons like swords and guns. The game will almost exclusively focus on using Kinect to cast magic in various ways. Some think this is a good idea, others think it’s ridiculous. Join the discussion about this topic or read more about it right here.

Race on a horse, look ridiculous

Finally I would like to wrap up this week of Kinect with the gameplay trailer for Champion Jockey, if you haven’t seen this…go check it out, it’s hilarious!

So there you have it, all up to date again on everything Kinect!

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