Project Milo is no more, and although the technology behind the game might be used in future Kinect titles, the actual Milo game that was showcased at the E3 will never see the light of day. All the remains now are memories of the awesome announcement moment, this rather sad video, and now a collection of illustration that show the world of Milo. Check them out of the break.

Project Milo Concept Art

Some of the concept art of Project Milo surfaced, and although this is ‘just’ concept art, it does give us a bit of information of how the game might have turned out.

Looking at the concept art it could very well be that Project Milo was in developement as an actual adventure game, and not the technology demo it was later said it was. The art shows Milo in both an urban setting, as well as a forest environment. Animals might have played a big role in the game as well, as various animals are illustrated in the concept art.

So Project Milo probably will never be released, but at least we get to see a bit of how it could have been.

Does anyone know about any other games that you were looking forward to but were cancelled and only concept art was released?

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