Kotaku‘s Stephen Totilo had a chance to play with Ubisoft’s Motion Sports. A game which uses the capabilities of Microsoft’s Kinect for XBOX360 in (mini-) games like soccer, skiing and american football. As you can see in the screenshot above, unlike the other games that have been announced this game is working with more photo realistic avatars. To get acquainted with the game, please see the official trailer below:

Unfortunately, of these mini-games only the american football one was being tested. The mini-game works as follows: you control a running back who is trying to avoid opposing players as he runs to the end zone. You can evade the incoming players by jumping, ducking, stiff-arm or even a 360-degree spin. The running is automatic though.

After trying this game, Stephen shares his ideas:

After a few tries at the American Football mode I was able to remember I was in control. There was an odd dissonance, though, the feeling of doing something new and something, well, almost invasive of the character’s space. When I control a Madden football player with a controller, I am giving him directions. When I control a Madden-style football player with my gestures? That feels exotic and almost… I’m not sure of the term.. invasive? Possessive (in the possession sense?).

This is an odd one, an experience I didn’t expect to have and a reaction I don’t quite yet understand.

Why do think his experience was so ‘weird’, was it because of the new way of interacting with technology that is Kinect? Does it take some getting used to? Check more Motion Sports here.