no kinect gears of war No Kinect support for Gears of War Ultimate

Gears of War will not have Kinect support icon sad No Kinect support for Gears of War Ultimate

Earlier we reported that Gears of War Ultimate might come with Kinect support. At that point it was all just speculation, but now Microsoft has officially responded to the Gears of War Ultimate and Kinect support rumor. Unfortunately it’s not good news for us Kinect fans. Read on to find out more.

No Kinect support for Gears of War Ultimate

Microsoft issued an official report regarding Gears of War Ultimate, saying it will be a collection of the first two Gears of War games and some token to download all the addons via Xbox Live. It’s a pretty cool bundle for if you don’t own any of the Gears of War games…but unfortunately there will be no Kinect support.

We here at were still hoping for a surprise announcement about a Gears of War with Kinect support, but it didn’t happen, and so we decided to report this sad story.

However we are still very much optimistic about this and we think there will at some point be a Gears of War game with Kinect support. Do you share this optimism with us? Or did you give up all hope? Let us know in the comments!

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