Fable the Journey is, although it is played entirely with Kinect, still a very classic Fable game that stays true to the original Fable formula. At least that is what Peter Molyneux said in a recent interview. Still, even though he is aiming to get to the classic Fable feeling it doesn’t mean that every element of Fable will return to Fable the Journey. Now we learned of another classic thing that we will not see in this next Fable game: traditional weapon.

Swords and Guns

According to an interview between OXM and Peter Molyneux (Fable’s creator) Fable the Journey will not have and swords or any guns. This might seem strange at first, because these two types of weapons were so prominent in the first three Fable games. Molyneux explains why these weapons did not make it into the game:

We could have done melee weapons, but the one thing I hate about melee weapons, and guns as well, is that the human brain is encoded to expect recoil from those things, whenever I swing a sword and I hit something on screen, the visuals and the sound isn’t enough. We could have done what Zelda did well on Twilight Princess, where it doesn’t really matter what you do, what happens on-screen is the best thing. But I wanted people to feel powerful, to feel power, and that’s all about you.

So really the only thing that is holding back swords and guns is the fact that you won’t be able to feel the recoil with Kinect. Personally I’m a little bit disappointed that there won’t be any melee swinging action and no guns, but on the other hand is shows that Molyneux really want to bring players the highest level of immersion!

The weapons that you will be able to use are mostly magic based, and these are also probably a lot of fun to cast as the casting system will make you feel like a real mage, especially if you think about the fact that spells have different effects based on how you cast them! Other than that there will be throwing weapons, since they have no recoil and thus don’t impact the immersion of the game.

Anyone disappointed by this? Or do you think this is a wise move by Molyneux?

Source: OXM