Sure, after a software update last year, Kinect games had the opportunity to be played while lazily sitting down on your big comfy couch. Luckily, the whole dashboard experience works flawlessly while seated. However, not one of the game releases displayed support for a sitting player, even though it is something deemed important for the traditional – controller loving – Xbox 360 gamer that Microsoft appealed to before Kinect.

Up until today. Up until The first hardcore game for Xbox Kinect: The Gun Stringer was announced and unveiled … its possibilities.

Read on to find out how 123Kinect found out about this.

Play Kinect Game sitting down

From the official blog Twisted Pixel notes:

There are no minigames, forced gestures, or end of level photos of you in your underwear here. You can play it sitting down, which is great if you just want to play and relax rather than burn crazy calories.

Move with great precision

The blog also noted something about an apparent increase in accuracy with this Kinect game. This could in our view have something to do with an accuracy update that may or may not already have happened:

Most importantly, you can aim and move with precision not seen in any of the Kinect launch titles, and with a speed and feel that’s just not possible with a traditional controller.

As I have said in my previous post around Gun Stringer, and as you can see in the picture, I’m expecting this game to support hand gestures: great precision, lazy fun and a cool addition to the Xbox 360′s control schemes in my view.

So all in all, Twisted Pixel understood some of the needs of this Kinect gamer. Although some people are loosing a great deal of weight using Xbox Kinect, I sometimes just am a bit tired of jumping up and down to get on the leaderboards for Kinect Sports, and just want to relax while playing a puppeteer game for Xbox Kinect. Thank you for Gun Stringer  Twisted Pixel, I salute thee.

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Source: Official GunStinger Blog