I felt the first Yoostar for Kinect was a pretty well thought game and unique title so I had some higher expectations for this one. If you haven’t heard of either, here’s what Yoostar is about:

Some games give you a chance to star in your own show. This one gives you the keys to an entire network! Take over MTV in this Yoostar game that puts you inside your favorite MTV shows and music videos. Star in 80 scenes from 20 different MTV programs capturing some of the most memorable moments in MTV network history, from the Moon Man statues to the Jersey Shore. Perform hits from artists like Snoop and Lady Gaga in karaoke-style music video sing-alongs. You can share your best (or worst) performances on Facebook and Twitter, where your clips will live alongside the moments featuring the real stars of MTV.


Basically it’s a Yoostar style game that is based on most of the shows on MTV. There are music videos but they still don’t give the game enough justice. I’m not sure if the first one, Yoostar 2, was better because it was loaded with movies we all knew and love, but I’m not a fan of MTV shows so that could have something to do with it. In a nutshell, this one is probably for certain people.

The Menu

The menu is simplified and only consists of a few options. The first is My Reel which is just your saved videos, Quick Play which lets you choose scenes to re-enact. The social lounge, store and help and options. It does use the hover and lock method which works pretty well, but I’ll break down each as always.

Quick Play

This is probably the section you will use the most. There is where you can choose from any show or music video and a scene to re-enact. Any DLC you purchase will also be added here as well. Once you choose something, you typically get 2 different options to choose from, although it’s really only one of the 2 spoken/sung parts by different people. The teleprompter is quite accurate on when and for how long you are supposed to have dialogue although for the music videos, it doesn’t help you at all.

The show re-enactments are ok, but like I said, you really have to be a fan of the show in order to appreciate this game. I didn’t care for any of the shows so I really didn’t have any enjoyment factor. You also are required to have the game re-adjust Kinect every single time you do a scene, which can become quite annoying but the detection is much better in this version. I’m not one that wants to be ridiculed about this kind of game, so thankfully Kinect Addict let me reference his video he made, which is quite good at that, thanks again! Anyhow, here’s one that he did of everyone’s favorite Jersey Shore so you can get an idea of how it works.

The music videos I found more interesting as surprisingly enough, besides Def Jam although it’s technically not for Kinect, there hasn’t been a Karaoke game yet that’s good and dedicated to Kinect. You basically do only one or two verses and the tele-prompter just has the words, you aren’t sure what pitch or length to use so you really have to familiar with the songs. While in the video, you can do whatever and it plops you in there, so its up to you to be creative. I’m not sure why the full videos weren’t included and some type of better tele-prompting system that helped with the singing portion.

After your performance, it is then played back exactly how it was recorded and you are graded on it depending on how well you recited your lines, or if you waited your turn and what not. It uses a 5 star system like Yoostar 2. That’s basically the jist of the gameplay itself. There isn’t any career mode or any real objective to the game, maybe the achievements will give you some motive, but that’s about it. I think this would have just been better if it had Yoostar 2′s content using this one’s new detection system and some type of career mode as it does rate you on if you are struggling actor and what not.

Social Lounge

The social lounge is basically a way to get your videos out there easily, without having to have a technical background. Some things include What’s Hot!, which is basically new videos that people have posted that you can watch and rate. The My Profile section allows you to view your profile and update it on the Yoostar community. My Online Films lists all of your films that you posted online and finally Account Linking enables a Facebook plug-in that will automatically post to your Facebook wall, although this is probably for the glamour people out there as most shy people won’t want this stuff posted there.


The store is pretty organized, this is the section where you will purchase new DLC for it. It categorizes DLC by Scene Packs, What’s Hot, Most Popular, New Releases, Shows and Music Videos. It is nice that you automatically preview content online without having to download it.

Help & Options

This last section actually has quite a few options which is why I mentioned it. If you really want to fine tune Kinect with this detection system, you are able to create some really professional looking videos. The options included are Outline Calibration, Privacy Settings, Newsfeed, Performance Options, Audio Options, Audio/Visual Calibration, Credits and Performance Region Filters.


Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, you really have to love MTV in order to appreciate this title. I know this review seems short, but unfortunately that’s all there really is to this game. Whether or not your dream is to become a reality TV star, I’m not sure if this game would help you in that aspect as some of these reality shows just became popular by luck. This is one of the up in the air titles, so take it as it is. You will either love this game or hate it, but I don’t see a high replay value so be warned. Blitz is doing their best though and releasing DLC regularly, but I’m not sure if its enough to justify this title.

This review is based on a retail copy of the Xbox 360 version of Yoostar On MTV
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