123KINECT Brings you everything Kinect in one place, and one of things part of ‘everything Kinect’ is its accesories. Although it isn’t listed on their website yet, CTA’s newest Kinect accessory has already been listed on Amazon: the Kinect Steering Wheel for the racing game that is supported by Kinect: Forza 4!

As Kinect is usually all about controller-free gaming, why would we need an accessory? We need to look at an example of what Forza Motorsport gameplay looked like up until now. Please have a look at the following movie from a post from the period of E3 2010 (yes, we’re that old):

Forza 4 Racing Game Play

As you can see in the movie above, the driver is holding his arms in the air and not holding on to anything: he’s “pretending” to hold a steering wheel. Ever since the announcement of Kinect support for Forza Motorsport 4, skeptics have been saying: “Well, Forza Motorsport 4 will never be fun with Kinect, because holding my hands in the air is dumb. I’m not even holding anything.” That is about to change, my good skeptic friends…

Kinect Steering Wheel

The Steering Wheel, made of a durable, clear, and lightweight plastic, will be available on June 5, 2011 for $13 and is compatible with all Kinect racing games.

Here’s the product description that actually reveals quite a lot:

The Xbox 360 Kinect broke the mold by introducing the first controller-free gaming system. But sometimes even the best ideas could use a little something extra. CTA Digital introduces the Steering Wheel for the Xbox 360 Kinect. The fully translucent steering wheel allows the Kinect camera to track the hands of the player while adding a more realistic feel to your favorite Kinect racing games. By keeping your hands parallel and stable on the clear steering wheel, you’ll be able to maneuver your way through the game with added accuracy and ease. The Steering Wheel for the Xbox 360 Kinect is also compatible with all Kinect racing games, including Joy Ride, and Forza Motorsport 4. So instead of fumbling around trying to find the correct position for your hands, simply hold the steering wheel infront of the Kinect camera and drive away!

Pre-order the wheel from Amazon US (it’s only $12.99), find Forza 4 up for pre-order as well, also if you don’t own Kinect yet then checkout these discounted Xbox Kinects before they run out. Find all we have on Kinect and Forza 4 right here.

Other Accessories for Kinect

  • CTA Digital, the creator of the Kinect Steering wheel, will also release an Xbox 360 Kinect Adjustable Tripod Stand the 5th of June
  • Besides this, the perfect range mat we spoke of ages ago [video], finally comes to a store near you at the first of June. (Thanks, CorellianRogue)
  • There’s also an accessory pack titled: ‘The Premium Starter Kit for XBOX 360‘. In heir words: “This kit will not only keep your Kinect Camera clean and protected, but also mounted to your wall or clipped exactly where it should be for optimum performance.”
  • Last but not least, an accessory that mounts your Kinect to walls and clips to most flat screen TV’s. Video may be found below:

For other, earlier released, mounting options by rival PDP please refer to this post. Discussions on the accessories are already taking place on our Kinect forums.

CTA Digital, the producer of these accessories, is a company specialised in video games (xbox, Wii, PS3, iPod) and multimedia accessories. Now they seem to want to take the lead of the market for Kinect accessories, as the exclusive deal that PDP had with Microsoft seems to have come to a close. So, back to the steering wheel: What are you thoughts? Do you feel this is needed for a great Kinect driving experience or is it just plain superfluous?