A week ago I wrote an article about how Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski would love to play Skyrim with Kinect and how I thought a little bit of speech recognition could improve the game’s experience by miles! Our community talked briefly in the comments of that article on how KinectFAAST was working on a Skyrim version of Kinect on the PC. Now, that version has been finished and it seriously is everything I hoped for! Check it out above!

Skyrim Kinect

The Kinect controls on Skyrim made by KinectFAAST seem to work pretty much flawless. It features swinging of weapons, casting of spells, movement and even speech recognition to quickly select inventory items! I love how you are able to select different weapons, spells and shields by just saying the name of the item! This would work so well on the Xbox, no more going through an endless and seemingly unsorted list of items to find the one you are looking for, no more tedious inventory management. Just say it and you’ll get it!

The movement also seems like it works very well. You use your left arm to look around and by stepping forward you make your character move forward. Strafing is also possible and is done by leaning left and right. It might seems like a lot to make your character move but judging from the video (especially the parts where he is fighting) it seems to be intuitive, easy and accurate!

I’m not sure how much work it took KinectFAAST to create this control scheme but judging from the fact that Skyrim hasn’t been out that long it didn’t take him much time. Bethesda could’ve easily added this and well, maybe they still can with a Skyrim Kinect patch! So Betheda: Please look at this video, see that it is awesome and add it to the Xbox version of Skyrim!