Gamasutra reports that indie-developer Fez is moving onto a Kinect project.

“We had this game that we made a while ago called Super Hypercube. It’s like a head-tracking puzzle game that was also stereoscopic. It used the Wiimote, head-tracking, which was kind of messy, so nobody ever played that game. But it was a proven concept that worked that we wanted to push further and we never did. That was like four years ago.

“Then when Kinect came along we saw it would be a perfect fit, so we got that working. It was a finalist at IndieCade a couple weeks ago, and Microsoft seemed interested, and we might actually do something. So I already have something else that’s starting to get interesting.”

Wii Video

As 123Kinect regular dirtyvu notes, “here’s what it looked like on the Wii (which is not what it’ll look like on the Kinect):”

The developer creating Super Hybercube is also the studio behind IGF Award-winning Xbox Live Arcade title Fez, so this should be interesting!

Source: GamaSutra Via: 123Kinect forums
Thanks to 123KINECT visitor Dirtyvu for submitting this news!