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Fantastic Pets Gameplay Preview: Kinectimals light? kinect news

Fantastic Pets for Xbox 360′s Kinect is a game for the young ones, where virtual animals will be brought into reality. The official description reads: “Fantastic Pets puts players on-screen where their movements and voice commands allow them to play side-by-side with a pet of their own creation.” Does that sound a lot like Kinectimals? Yes it does, and that may not be such a bad thing!

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Yoostar 2 list of movies

Yoostar 2 list of movies kinect news

With Yoostar 2, Kinect brings memorable movie scenes in your living room

Remember that Kinect game, Yoostar 2, that introduces players in movie scenes, where they can play the role of their choice? If so, then you might be excited to find out that we have the Yoostar 2 list of movies, and we can definitely tell you that Terminator is not the only one available!

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Cute Fantastic Pets Screenshots!

Cute Fantastic Pets Screenshots! kinect news

Besides the cutesy Kinectimals video game, the Kinect game family genre will be expanded with Fantastic Pets later this year. THQ’s previously announced title Fantastic Pets now got its first screenshots.

Checkout the Fantastic Pets Screenshots gallery after the break for a better idea of the in-game pet editor that comes with this game.

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The Xbox 360 is holding Kinect back!

The Xbox 360 is holding Kinect back! kinect news

So we all know the stories about Microsoft going for a lower resolution camera because of cost issues right? Well, as it turns out there is another reason the Kinect sensor has a lower resolution: the Xbox 360′s usb port is not fast enough anyway!

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Kinect Games use only 20 30% of Kinect’s potential kinect news

According to Steve Stopps from Blitz Games, Kinect is not being used to its full potential by current game developers. He adds that current Kinect games are using Kinect in an obvious way and Yoostar 2, developed by Blitz Games, will use Kinect in an innovative way. Continue reading to find out how Kinect’s potential could be reached in the future by developers of Kinect games.

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