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Merry Christmas from the 123Kinect team!

Merry Christmas from the 123Kinect team! kinect news

2010 was the first year of Kinect, and with that the year of 123Kinect’s inception as well. What started as a small and simple Kinect blog on the web, has become a leading one at the end of its first year; thanks to you all. Next year we’ll have loads of updates in store for you, but we’ll get to that when the time is right.

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Kinect offers measuring tape in Japan

Kinect offers measuring tape in Japan kinect news

Japan’s small homes could become a real threat for Kinect’s popularity. Kinect doesn’t need that much space but it does require about 6 feet (1.82 meters) between the player and the television, space which is scarce in Japanese homes. That’s why Japan’s Kinect offers paper tape measure to customers.

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Kinect launches in Japan

Kinect launches in Japan kinect news

Starting with 20th November, Kinect is available in Japan as well. While the launch didn’t attract as many people as in Europe or USA, crowds still gathered to get their Kinect. Luckily, Kinect will be a hit in Japan just like it currently looks to be in the rest of the countries where it’s available, making it easier for Japanese developers to build great games for it.

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