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Was project Milo cancelled because its secretly in development for next gen Xbox? opinions

The GDC featured a new video of the much debated and mysterious ‘Project Milo‘ or ‘Milo and Kate‘. The video shows the environment in which Project Milo was supposed to unfold its story. The world of Milo in this video looks ab-so-lu-tely amazing, and it’s all because of a new technology specifically developed for this project.

The demo runs on an Xbox 360, so you would think it was developed for current generation games. I however have some big doubts about this, and I don’t think that Milo, or any other game with this technology will ever be released on the Xbox 360, and I have good reason to think so! Read on why after the jump.

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BAFTA announces winners: one Kinect game to rule them all! kinect news

The British Academy of Film and Television (BAFTA) Video Games Awards Winners (wow, that’s a mouthful) were announced yesterday! The British equivalent of the Oscars thankfully has a category for video games and this year there were four Kinect games nominated.

Dance Central, Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports and Kinectimals were all competing for the prestigious BAFTA best family game award, and one of them came out on top! Can you guess which one it is? Find out after the jump!

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Mysterious new Kinect game pops up in stores kinect news

For some reason there are shops that occasionally know about new games before any official press releases.

This is exactly what happened today: a new mysterious new Kinect game which we had never heard of before popped up in an online store! Curious? More details after the jump.

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Perfect Range Game Mat for Kinect

Perfect Range Game Mat for Kinect kinect news

We have seen cases in which people playing Kinect would hit their co-players, pets or family members. While these incidents might not have occurred to everyone, I’m sure each of us experienced getting our of the camera view of Kinect. For all these cases, there might be hope in the new gadget: Perfect Range Game Mat.

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This is why you bought a Kinect (or will buy one) kinect news

Forget all that you have seen so far for Kinect, because it’s only part of what Kinect can really do to gaming. What you are about to see in this video will make you see the true potential of Kinect, it will show you the future of motion gaming! And yes, this is also something that the Playstation Move can not do and will never be able to do! (well, at least not accurately) Ready to be amazed? Then check out the video after the jump!

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