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Xbox Kinect Update scheduled for April 2011 specialIn an interview with the French website UnHomme, marketing director of the consumer division of Microsoft France, Christian Mills, has said that the next software update for Kinect is scheduled for this April.

More – but not all, as they are not yet disclosed – details about the contents of the update, after the break!

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Student uses Kinect as animation tool

Student uses Kinect as animation tool kinect news

This stick figure was animated with the Kinect sensor!

Animating digital characters without the use of a motion capture studio is a difficult and time consuming process, and something that I dreaded the most when I was still a 3D animation student back in the days.

When project Natal was announced the first thing that came up to me was: “wow, that would’ve made my life as a student so much easier”. And now it did exactly that, just for another student!

A clever animation student used his Kinect to create a short animation that includes some pretty amazing character animation. And because of the speed and ease of the Kinect sensor he managed to do it within 10 days! Check out the video after the jump!

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Mysterious new Xbox 360 disc format coming, what could it be? kinect news

A new update is coming!

A big new system update for the Xbox 360 is in development and Microsoft is looking for people to test it. What will those people be testing? Well, apparently the update will feature a new Xbox 360 disc format! We’re not really sure what that will mean, but find out the full speculation after the jump!

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