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Kinect’s Privacy Debate

kinect privacy Kinects Privacy Debate

Kinect Privacy Debate - George Orwell all over again?

The possibilities for Kinect are not just in Kinect Games, but go way beyond gaming. Kinect offers unique personalized marketing opportunities. However, with technological advancements that offer personalized marketing opportunities you’re bound to have a debate about privacy as well. Some not concerned about privacy at all, while others believe that there’s no greater good than your own space where no one watches. As far as Kinect is concerned, this post discusses: what Microsoft had to say about Kinect‘s advertising potential and Kinect Privacy. Moreover, the future of Kinect and Privacy issues will be delineated.

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Kinect for advertising and marketing

key ad Kinect for advertising and marketing

Kinect could be watching you more than you want, in the future. Dennis Durkin, COO and CFO of Microsoft’s Xbox, told investors that there are business opportunities with Kinect for advertising and marketing. Information about what are you playing, with whom, could be used for targeted advertising and marketing. Stay tuned to read what Dennis Durkin said and Microsoft’s statement on this subject!

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What you don’t want to look like when you Kinect is…

1000px Chuck 2007 logo.svg 600x150 What you dont want to look like when you Kinect is...

Well, Microsoft thought it would be a great idea to show off Kinect in Chuck the TV Series, but I don’t think they make a very strong case.

Continue reading to see the movie.

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Steve Ballmer Windows Phone 7 and Xbox Kinect – “Coolest thing 2010” according to Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer

Of all the products you’ve introduced or will be introducing in 2010, what is the one that made you say: “man that’s the coolest thing ever!”

“I would respond again Windows Phone, but when people get a chance to see Xbox Kinect that we’re going to launch in November, then I think people will kind of be blown away by some of the things you can do.”

Read on for more Ballmer, and a video!

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