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Rumor: Avatar Kinect coming with next update kinect news

Group based Kinect powered chat may be closer than you'd think

Remember how we reported about the beta testing of the upcoming Xbox Dashboard update? Well the beta test has commenced and it seems that the Xbox disc format is not the only thing that is up for testing… It appears that two software products are also being tested: Hulu Plus and Avatar Kinect! This is great news since Avatar Kinect is a program that will utilize the full power of the Kinect sensor and will make long distance communication more fun than ever!

Need a refreshment of what Avatar Kinect is? Or want to know more about this dashboard update? Then read on for more details!

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Mysterious new Xbox 360 disc format coming, what could it be? kinect news

A new update is coming!

A big new system update for the Xbox 360 is in development and Microsoft is looking for people to test it. What will those people be testing? Well, apparently the update will feature a new Xbox 360 disc format! We’re not really sure what that will mean, but find out the full speculation after the jump!

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Avatar Kinect looks like this!

Avatar Kinect looks like this! kinect news

Earlier Microsoft showed us some footage of Ballmer presenting in Avatar Kinect, and it gave us a general idea of what Avatar Kinect is going to be. That video did not show us a whole lot more on how our experience would be as Xbox Live subscribers, a video that does show this (and reveals other details) is after the break.

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