First there was Top Spin 4, it received Playstation Move support but the Kinect support was dropped. Then there was Virtua Tennis 4, which did get Kinect support, but only for a tiny part of the game. And now EA just announced that Grand Slam Tennis 2 is coming to Xbox 360 and PS3, but as you might guess the title is getting Move support but yet again will have no Kinect support. Madness!

Tennis and Kinect

Seriously, what is wrong with having Kinect support for a hardcore tennis game? Is it the movement part that is hard to implement with Kinect? It should be able to be implemented pretty well with either stepping left/right/back/forward or with leaning (like in Deca Sports Freedom). Refine this movement a bit and you’ll have a perfect way to play tennis with Kinect! I really want to play a professional Tennis game like Grand Slam or Top Spin with my Kinect and I’m sure this is perfectly possible.

Can Rare save Kinect tennis?

Rare’s upcoming Kinect Sports 2 will have Tennis and although it is not yet clear if they have movement implemented I’m sure the game will be a very hight quality. Judging from the production quality of Kinect Sport 1 the second itteration of the IP must have the same queality and as such will most likely deliver a great Tennis game. I really hope that Kinect Sports tennis will be the game that shows the “Tennis game making industry” that Kinect does work with Tennis and and that the next Top Spin, Virtua Tennis or Grand Slam Tennis will fully support Kinect and will give me the immersion I am looking for.

Is anyone here sharing this intense desire for a proper Kinect tennis game?