Some of you have already heard of the exclusive Kinect Star Wars Xbox 360 console and Kinect sensor. The limited edition console that is completely themed to Star Wars and even includes a special Star Wars Kinect sensor. A console that will be a most valuable collectors item to every Star Wars fan. Well, this limited edition console finally has a release date, a price and can already be pre-ordered!

Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars Xbox

The Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars Xbox comes with a special Xbox, a special Kinect sensor, a special Xbox controller, an extra big hard drive, Kinect Adventures and of course Kinect Star Wars. So when will all this be finally available? Well according to Amazon the console and the game will have a release date of June 1, 2012!

This Xbox console will be available in limited quantities so for the real big fans it might be good to know that the set is already available for pre-order and received a price tag of $449.00, which is a great price if you consider all the stuff you get with it.

Anyway check out the links below for pre-order information and additional details. Enjoy!

  • Kinect Star Wars Limited Edition Xbox Bundle ($449.00)
  • Kinect Star Wars Game ($49,99)


Source: Amazon
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