Microsoft released 22 unique Kinect for Windows samples in C#, C++ and Visual Basic under an open source Apache 2.0 license.

The company explains that the code can be reused, remixed, cloned, and that more sample applications will be further released. Furthermore, Microsoft is interested in obtaining feedback from the community on the samples provided in order to be able to improve the code.

The Kinect for Windows team release samples to show how to build applications and experiences using K4W.  Our “Basics” samples are designed to quickly show a particular feature.  Other samples are more robust and can serve as a template for building an app.  You will still want to download and install our SDK and Toolkit for the full developer experience but the code here is easy to browse and you can submit feedback about the samples right here on the site.

The samples are available on CodePlex and include Basic Interactions, Face Tracking, Green Screen, Skeletal Viewer, Speech Basics and much more.

Source: Kinect for Windows CodePlex, MSDN blogs Via: Polygon