Dance Central 2’s announcement is still fresh, but Harmonix wants us to stay focused on Dance Central 1 until it’s there. Therefore, this week, Xbox LIVE Gold Members can save on the following Dance Central content until Monday, June 20th.

Click the links below to goto the download page on, or simply fire-up your Xbox360 and download the discounted content from Xbox Live’s Marketplace.

Dance Central DLCRegularSale PriceSavings
Dance Central Marathon Pack  (14 tracks)3360168050%
Dance Pack 196064033%
Dance Pack 296064033%
Dance Pack 396064033%
Dance Pack 496064033%
I Gotta Feeling24016033%
Heard Em All24016033%
Straight Up24016033%
Word Up24016033%
Weapon of Choice24016033%

Note that songs from Dance Central can be imported in Dance Central 2! Should you not be a proud owner of this higly popular dancing game for Xbox Kinect, then this may be a good time to get a copy.

Either way, enjoy your dancing and such!

Source: MajorNelson