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This year’s E3 was again big. It promised to provide more details on Xbox One with its new and improved Kinect as well as information on the upcoming Kinect games. Here is a summary of the main announcements on Xbox One and Kinect.

Xbox One

The Xbox One console will hit the shelves in November in US, UK and 19 other countries at a price of $499/ £429. Xbox One is “the ultimate all in one entertainment system – one system for a new generation”, as described by Microsoft, integrating gaming, movies, TV and web services.

During E3, Microsoft also introduced the next-gen Xbox One SmartGlass which allows you to start single player games from a tablet or view leaderboards and achievements. Furthermore, Microsoft points will be replaced with real money.

Xbox One will not required always-on internet connections, however the console will have to check in to Xbox Live at least once every 24 hours otherwise you’ll be locked out of your games.


If Xbox One looks boring, the new Kinect looks even worse. And it’s bigger. But as it’s not always about the looks, let’s check some of  Kinect’s functionalities.

Turning the console on will be fairly easy, you’ll only need to say “Xbox ON”. The console responds instantly to hand gestures and voice commands and it allows the user to switch between games, videos, music and live TV with simple voice commands.

Furthermore, “Kinect 2 is so fast and powerful that it detects motion in just 13 billionths of a second – the time it takes light to get from you and into the camera. The Kinect sensor as a resolution of 1080p which means its footage will look great on your HD TV, and it captures video at 60fps which means footage that’s lovely and smooth.”

On top of that, the camera has a 60% bigger field of view than the original Kinect which allows you to play from more spots than before. According to the pre-order disclaimer regarding the minimum play space required by the new Kinect to work well, it is stated that for “single player about 4 ft. 7 in. (1.4m) from sensor; two players about 6 ft. (1.8m) from sensor”.

Source: TechRadar