Ubisoft have released the above new trailer for their Kinect 2 motion-fighting game Fighter Within, which is a launch game for Xbox One, that demonstrates how to play the game in a rather tongue-in-cheek way.

They have also released more details about the fighters and stages which you can see below:

Character Profiles


Chayan AKA “The Dragon”

Fighter-Within-Chayan-profile_640x360(Click on pic to enlarge.)


Jaime Fuentes AKA J-Gun

Fighter-Within-Jaime-Fuentes-profile_624x351(Click on pic to enlarge.)


Joao Kalanga AKA DJ Joao

Fighter-Within-Joao-Kalanga-profile_624x351(Click on pic to enlarge.)



Fighter-Within-Loa-profile_624x351(Click on pic to enlarge.)


Lord Faergas Scott MacNeil

Fighter-Within-Lord-Faergas-Scott-MacNeil-profile_624x351(Click on pic to enlarge.)


Matt Gilford

Fighter-Within-Matt-Gilford-profile_624x351(Click on pic to enlarge.)



Fighter-Within-Maze-profile_624x351(Click on pic to enlarge.)


Mia Chandler

Fighter-Within-Mia-Chandler-profile_624x351(Click on pic to enlarge.)


Sabina Tereknova

Fighter-Within-Sabina-Tereknova-profile_624x351(Click on pic to enlarge.)



Fighter-Within-Van-profile_640x360(Click on pic to enlarge.)


Vincent Taylor AKA Vince

Fighter-Within-Vincent-Taylor-profile_640x360(Click on pic to enlarge.)


Yu Bei

Fighter-Within-Yu-Bei-profile_624x351(Click on pic to enlarge.)


Examiner have got some details from Ubisoft about the 10 stages that will be in the game:

“The game will let you choose between 10 different locales – from a rooftop in Dubai, to a floating market in Thailand and even to the African savanna surrounded by rhinos! You will have to adapt your fighting to each stage.”

As we’ve seen from previously released game footage, players can win matches by knocking their opponent out of the ring. Ubisoft stated that some locations will be small, meaning that players will have to focus more on not being ‘ringed out’. Others will feature destructible or interactive elements. For example, players may be able to use poles to pull of some more acrobatic stunts, while other locations may offer improvised weapons such as sticks.


Finally, IGN have posted a hands-on video where they reveal that some of the moves are actually 1:1 whereas others are gesture-based where your moves trigger the character’s moves after you’ve performed them. IGN also say that it’s very responsive and that it’s just waiting for the animation of the gesture-based moved to finish that can make the game appear to be unresponsive at first because you can’t change the character’s movement mid-animation.




Source: Ubisoft's YouTube Channel, UbiBlog, Examiner, IGN's YouTube Channel
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