Another re-review, another so-so game. If you never heard of this one, it was originally a launch title in the UK, but didn’t make it over to the states until 3 months later. Here’s the short summary of it:

Paradise means different things to different people. Dance Paradise keeps that  in mind, creating a welcoming Kinect-compatible dance destination with an  experience designed to be heavenly for dance floor newbies and veteran  club-goers alike. Backed by a hit soundtrack from Universal music, Dance  Paradise offers music that appeals to everyone and dance sequences that can  challenge anyone. Groove to tracks from Lady Gaga, Akon, Snoop, No Doubt,  Pussycat Dolls, Mc Hammer, Taio Cruz, and other top dance artists. Keep the  dance floor to yourself or challenge a friend to a two-player showdown in  vibrant settings like beaches, casinos, discos, and more.


It’s a mediocre game, or as I call them “It is what it is”. It’s different and something different to do, but that’s about it. For whatever reason, this game is still not super cheap everywhere, so if you must have it, I don’t think the price is going to get any better, otherwise my review will show you what you are missing, which is not much.

The Menu

The menu uses this magical trail of star-dust to choose what you want, and then proceed via the normal hover and lock method. There’s really not much to this game. The menu is broken up by Single, Multi, Scores which just displays your scores for the songs and Video Box which allows you to watch the music videos instead of dancing. Yep, it’s that simple. As usual, I’ll break each one down.


Single player mode has a couple of things to choose from. First, there is a tutorial so you can an understanding of the game. I was kind enough to create a video of it, but just watching this video will let you make your decision on whether you want this game or not so without further due, you can view it below:

After the tutorial, you can then go into the “career” mode of the game, but unfortunately it’s not a real career. It’s similar to the unlocking method of the old guitar hero days. There’s 6 venues to unlock and dance in, which are:

  • The Beach
  • The Marina
  • The Private Pool
  • The Disco
  • The Casino Club
  • The VIP Club

Each song does happen to have its own goal, such as getting a certain number of points, or getting so many moves “perfect”. Winning the goal earns you a gold star, which in turn, accumulate to unlock each venue. That’s really all there is to the career mode.

Lastly, you have the free mode, which just allows you to pick any song and away you go. You can queue up songs, but it loads in between, so it still takes time to get through a play list. You can also adjust the difficulty between easy and hard. Easy is just a really short version of the song, while hard is almost the full length, but not exactly.


The multiplayer mode allows up to 2 simultaneous dancers to battle it out. There are 3 different modes to choose from, Versus which is just against each other; Attack adds in special bonuses that you can attack your opponent with, such as freezing or making them blind. It’s a neat mode for 2 players. Lastly there is synchro where both players have to synchronize their moves at the right time to earn points. Unfortunately that’s all there is to it.


As I mentioned, this game is mediocre. It’s a different kind of dancing game as the moves are generic and its more of a party game than anything, but that’s about it. If you must absolutely have to have it, I guess now is a better time than any. I do still like the soundtrack as it was one of the more powerful soundtracks when the dancing craze hit, but that’s the only thing going for it my opinion. This one is up to you.

This review is based on a retail copy of the Xbox 360 version of Dance Paradise
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