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YooStar 2: In The Movies – The good

  • Awesome concept, very fun to re-enact scenes
  • Variety of movies are good, needs more though, but DLC will surely be plenty
  • Does 2 player acting which I thought was very intuitive
  • Voice works fine and adjusts the volume so you are not louder than the original

YooStar 2: In The Movies – The not so good

  • The videos are windowed, be better in full screen
  • Most video quality is 480p, however the image it uses as it records you is choppy, if you had a green screen behind you and wear opposite color clothes, it might crop you better from the background, otherwise it picks up a little border around the background
  • Some of the scenes require you to be in certain positions such as sitting behind a desk (terminator) or sitting on a bench, you need stage sets to make it look real authentic
  • Some scenes require props, it looks silly if you don’t use anything

YooStar 2: In The Movies – Story
There’s not a story mode, however there is a challenge mode that is kind of like a career mode. You have to do well on scenes and act certain parts out flawlessly to get bonus items. These help you unlock each stage.

YooStar 2: In The Movies – Kinect experience
Kinect works well with this game. The only menu issue is changing movies, it’s almost not fast enough…other than that, no problems. Hopefully with the update coming out for Kinect, the detection accuracy will clean up the video.

YooStar 2: In The Movies – Graphics
There really are no graphics, just videos. As I stated earlier, the majority of the videos are in 480p, but in a windowed mode. Full screen HD 1080i would of been awesome.

YooStar 2: In The Movies – Gameplay
This game is fun, but you have to like acting. If you never find yourself repeating movie lines with your buddies, then you probably wouldn’t like this game. They picked quite a few good scenes which I go into detail below, but there’s others that makes you wonder why they weren’t included such as Adam Sandler, Jim Carey, Steve Carrell, etc… There are a lot of Ben Stiller movies, so if you don’t like him, you may want to pass or wait for more content. I would say probably about 25% of the scenes are with Ben Stiller. Ok onto the game!

The menu consists of the following items:

My Films:
This is just your saved films area for the videos you decide to share.

This is like a career mode that I mentioned. It will probably help you act better but there’s a ton of stuff to unlock.

Quick Play:
This lets you choose any scene for quick play, and also has hollywood sets as well as video backgrounds. There’s also a random option and a search option if the library gets big.

This area allows you to share videos with facebook, twitter and the yoostar community. I like when developers are committed to their products.

The place to buy scenes, cool enough, YooStar already has a scene pack available with additional scenes from the movies included for 560ms points.

Help & Options:
Everything from tutorials to settings is in this area.

Those are the main areas of the game, I also went ahead and took details of everything included in the game. First, here’s the normal scenes that you can act out.

300 (2 scenes)
Along Came Polly
American Pie
Angels & Demons
Animal House
Apollo 13
Baby Mama
Beverly hills cop
Blazing Saddles
blues brothers
Coming To America
CSI: Miami
Employee of the Month
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Forrest Gump
The Godfather
The Hangover (2 scenes)
The Italian Job
The Karate Kid
Kick Ass (2 scenes)
Kindergarten Cop
Mad Men
Meet The Fockers (2 scenes)
Meet The Parents
The Mummy
The Nutty Professor
The Princess Bride
Rocky (Original)
Rocky Balboa (New One)
Shaun of The Dead
Slap Shot
The Spiderwick Chronicles
Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3
Star Trek: The Original Series
Superman Returns
The Terminator
Tropic Thunder (2 scenes)
Up In Smoke
The Wizard of Oz
Zoolander (2 scenes)

There’s also a couple other sections, one of them is called video backgrounds. With video backgrounds, it’s basically just a blank scene with sound effects, and you create your own scene. About half of them are locked from the start, but as you progress your acting career, they will unlock. Here’s the list of video backgrounds:

A Walk On The Beach
Bad Boys, Bad Boys! (Typical Car chase and rolling down a hill scene)
Car Bomb
Crash The Red Carpet (This one could be fun)
Gorilla Swagger
Join a Fire Fight
Lamborghini Luxury
Letters Rain Down (This is just a matrix background)
Lightning Storm
Monster Battle (This is you vs. a Godzilla wannabe, I don’t think it’s the real Godzilla as the monster prop is pretty cheesy)
Nosey Polar Bear
Pyramids and Goats
Rendezvous At The Eiffel Tower
Spy Communique (CIA HQ look alike)
State of The Union (Ever wanted to address the nation? Here’s your chance)
Taj Mahal At The Golden Hour
This Just In… (Breaking news cast scene)
Times Square Frenzy
Walk On The Moon

Lastly, there is a section with Hollywood sets. These are just particular scenes from movies with no actors, no scripts and just sound effects. If you know a movie really well, you will love this area. The list of those scenes are:

Men In Black
Clash of The Titans
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Top Gun
I Am Legend
Matrix Revolutions
The Matrix
King Kong (New one)

There’s also an option to ad-lib every single scene, so if you want to tell Arnold your own words, this mode allows it. Speaking of language, I rated this from Teen – Adult as a few of the flicks include some vulgar language, but nothing extreme, before the scene shows a preview you are warned its not recommended for children.

YooStar 2: In The Movies – Multiplayer options
Some of the scenes allow 2 player simultaneous acting which would make for some fun times.

Overall, love the idea, but there’s no realism in it unfortunately. This is more a let’s have fun game. If you want to re-create a scene and make it authentic, this isn’t the way to go, I would suggest starting a career on Broadway or some local college plays. The only other gripe I have, but to each their own, is the choice of movies. I’m hoping some more blockbusters are added to the store and this would make one heck of a fun game.

This review is based on a retail copy of the Xbox 360 version of YooStar 2: In The Movies
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