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Your Shape: Fitness Evolved – The good

  • Super accurate, can even do a skeletal scan of you
  • Tons of things for you to do
  • Most realistic fitness program I have ever used
  • Cheaper than a gym, cheaper than a personal trainer

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved – The not so good

  • This isn’t a game, it’s a fitness program suited to your needs
  • More than likely, this program will not “buff” you up…it does recommend using weights however, but this is more to stay in shape
  • Multiple players in the same box is quirky
  • Supposably it has 4 player support, no idea how this works…

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved – Kinect experience
Kinect is very accurate with this program. If your knees aren’t high enough, it complains. If you aren’t bending low enough, it complains. It doesn’t make you do any pushups or situps or anything but it does cover everything else.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved – Graphics
There really aren’t any graphics to the game. This is a fitness workout program so graphics are really not necessary. It is though very futuristic and I love it. It’s more geometric shapes and your image is made out of whatever material the fitness world is made out of. The trainers are life like looking however.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved – Gameplay
The program has 3 main activities, you have a personal training program which it recommends different things for you to do per day, an actual fitness program, either Zen which I believe is like Yoga, or kickboxing/martial arts workouts and gym activities which allow you to break blocks, hula-hoop, play a balancing game and some other things. The program does keep track of how many calories you burn during a session and recommends your next goal after you meet your current one. Compared to Wii Fit, I think it blows it out of the water based on functionality. Wii Fit is more colorful, but this thing is just so realistic it’s great.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved – Multiplayer options
We tried to get the multiplayer to work, but it kept cancelling one or the other out. I will probably try this again, but when it tells you to choose the number of players, it gives you the option of 4. I was not aware Kinect could detect 4 players, and I wasn’t able to test that either.

If you want to stay in shape over the winter, you can get this to keep daily prognosis of your goals. If you just want to dance your sweat off, then Dance Central would just fine. This is for people who seriously want to get fit or whatever their real goal may be. It analyzes everything about you and is very accurate. Also the wife picked up on this immediately, she loved how easy it was to navigate and how much it actually makes you do, and she never uses the xbox so women do like this.

This review is based on a retail copy of the Xbox 360 version of Your Shape: Fitness Evolved
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