Update: The list is confirmed to be fake, there were just a few people on NeoGaf that posted this list.

Update 2: Find the list of E3 Kinect titles here.

In CorellianRogue’s words:

This is confirmed as fake. Someone at NeoGaf just posted a prediction of what would be in the conference and he just used another info from other websites to make it. Kotaku then took that list and posted it as a “leaked E3 line up” and now everybody’s doing it, lol! Although of course most if not all of those games will be shown anyway. One BIG giveaway that it’s fake is that it hasn’t even got Kinect Disneyland Adventures on it!

In the words of the person that actually posted the list on the NeoGaf forum (not as a leak, but as a ‘this is what we expect’):

Are you absolutely kidding me. I made a thread with that SAME LIST on 4chan’s /v/ some hours ago. Holy crap, I lost some respect for Kotaku.

Should you still be interested, then check the fake leaked list of games to be shown at Microsoft’s E3 press conference later today (the Kinect Games have been marked bold, for your convenience):

For a full overview of all Kinect games possibly being shown (not just on Microsoft’s conference), checkout this list of E3 Kinect games.

Will you be watching with us to see if this list is indeed real?

Source: Kotaku AU
Thanks to 123KINECT visitor @Dan5Faulkner for submitting this news!