NatuLearn have published 4 educational Kinect apps for schools to help make learning more fun. They’re called Kinect Quiz, Kinect LearnLang, Kinect ImQu and Kinect Swiper and are available to download from

Here’s more information and trailers of the apps from NatuLearn’s website:


Innovation in Education on the move

What problem we are going to solve?

We realize that education in schools is boring for students. Teachers have quite a problem when they want to get pupils interested in their lessons. As far as we all remember students were always taught at schools in a sitting position, often prone to yawning.

We know that pupils, especially at primary schools, are at the age when they simply like to move. Unfortunately, according to what has been widely accepted by teachers around the world, they cannot do this in class, they just have to sit and listen.

What is our solution?

Our mission is to make lessons in schools more fun for teachers and students. We want to prove that learning and having fun at the same time is possible.

We believe that movement is the pupils` best friend so we are trying to connect these things together by making educational applications operated by body gestures.


Kinect Quiz

Quiz allows teachers to build many databases for questions and answers. After that they are able to use them in classroom, where pupils choose their answers simply by moving their hands.

Kinect LearnLang

LearnLang is based on voice recognition, teachers have to build some kind of database too where each question consists of a picture and some text. Pupils have to say their answer in the foreign language and our software, through the Kinect device, will check if their pronunciation is correct.

Kinect ImQu

ImQu allows up to two students to participate in the game. The student who is closer to the sensor has the control and answers the question. The teacher can build his database in the app editor – gives a word and two possible answers in the form of pictures. Students choose correct pictures simply by moving their hands (over their heads).

Kinect Swiper

Swiper is an app (for Kinect and Windows) that allows you to navigate through your images using simple hand gestures. This app is a great tool to impress your audience while presenting and simply makes your presentations hardware-free.


How to install the Kinect and the drivers onto your computer

In order for the NatuLearn apps to work correctly with the Kinect you have to install the Kinect drivers onto your machine. Our apps work with both, the Kinect from Xbox console, and the Kinect designed for Windows.

Setting up the Kinect sensor

The Kinect requires a USB 2.0 connection and additional power supply – therefore you have to buy a power supply cable to run Kinect (for the Xbox version, not the stand alone one) link.

Required software

First of all, make sure your computer runs Windows 7 or 8. Next, you have to download the Kinect for Windows SDK drivers.

Important! Before installing the drivers make sure your computer does not have any Kinect related drivers installed in. If it does, please delete all of them. Also, don’t plug in the Kinect into the USB before the installation – do it only after it has been completed.

Installing the SDK drivers

In order for the drivers to be correctly installed you have to follow a few tips. Also, you may want to visit this website to get more information on Kinect-related issues (link). Here are the tips:

– delete any previously installed Kinect drivers from your machine

– download and install the SDK from this location: link

– first power supply the Kinect, and next plug it into the USB port.


Once the installation has been successfully completed there should be four Kinect components visible in the Control Panel and Programs and Features.

Also, to check if it has been correctly installed you can do a little test by using the Windows 7 in-built voice recorder. Just set the Kinect as voice recorder and see if it can record your voice.



Source: NatuLearn website, NatuLearn YouTube Channel
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