Ubisoft had a big, although unintentional, revelation today on their web store: a brand new Kinect game is in development! PowerUP Heroes is its name and by the looks of it this is going to be a very interesting Kinect game!

It looks like Ubisoft posted this by mistake as the page is not available anymore. They probably were planning it as a big announcement, but we are glad to hear there are new games coming to Xbox Kinect.

Continue reading for the description Ubisoft included for the game.

PowerUP Heroes for Xbox Kinect

On the PowerUp Heroes page on Ubisoft’s web store the following text was available:

The universe is in peril—and it’s up to you and your Xbox 360 avatar to eradicate the forces of evil. PowerUP Heroes is an explosive, super power infused, full body fighting game for Kinect. Take your Xbox360 avatar and power it up into a superhero and face off against ballistic super villains. Obliterate your enemy and seize their super suit and abilities to use in your next battle! Use the Necromancer suit and control a horde of skeletons or slip on the Mentalist suit to break into your enemy’s mind and much more!

Become the Hero!


• You Are The Superhero — Live out your dreams of becoming the ultimate hero by transforming your X360 avatar into a superhero, infusing it with powers and unleashing.

• Grow Stronger With Every Battle — Take on opponents each charged with a different set of deadly powers. Best them in battle to seize their super suits, strip them of their abilities, and wield their power for the next battle!

• All In Gameplay — Use your entire body to control how you fight: strike forward to launch projectiles, yell commands to initiate super moves and have a friend hop in and unleash double powered super assaults.

• Four Player Action — Experience the two-player co-op or go online and battle your friends in a four-player face-off. Display your dominance with online leaderboards and achievements.

Looks like another fighting game. Do you think this one will be better than Fighters Uncaged?