Rare has brought us some truly incredible Kinect games and has set a high standard for everyone else making Kinect games. Their first game: Kinect Sports sold more copies than anything else and introduced Kinect motion controls executed in a perfect and super accurate way. Kinect Sports Season Two built further on the original concept but added new things like voice control and sideways Kinect tracking for Golf. Now they are working on their next title and it seems like it will turn out to be a hybrid game!

Rare’s next game

In an interview between Rare’s Development Director Nick Burton and Videogamer some interesting information surfaced. Videogamer asked Nick if he could give a clue as to what we would see next from Rare. Nick answered with a vague but revealing answer:

It will feature Kinect in some way, but how? Oh now that would be telling!

To me it really sounds like the next Rare game will be a hybrid game: using both the Xbox controller and Kinect. He didn’t say that it would feature Kinect, he explicitly said it will use Kinect in some particular way! Maybe I’m totally wrong with this but I think it’s very plausible. Rare has always been trying to push the boundaries of the Kinect technology and the gameplay experience it can provide. It would make sense that they are taking the next step now and are developing a game that will set new standards when it comes to hybrid gaming!

So what do you guys think? Will Rare’s next game be a hyrbid? Or will it be 100% Kinect like both Kinect Sports games?

Source: videogamer