Spotted by Kotaku, Sony Hong Kong has revealed the next bit of Mass Effect 3 downloadable content to be a multiplayer pack called ‘Rebellion‘.

Checkout the official – leaked – description below, to get an idea of what’s ahead!

The Rebellion Multiplayer Expansion opens two new fronts against the Reapers: Firebase Jade’s jungle reservoir and Firebase Goddess on Thessia.

In-game reinforcement packs now include three new weapons as well as equipment, consumables, and six new classes: Quarian Engineer and Infiltrator, Vorcha Soldier and Sentinel, Phoenix Adept and Vanguard. The battle continues – hold the line!

Mind that the DLC has not officially been confirmed by BioWare yet, but that will probably not take them too long. You still playing Mass Effect 3, and is that with or without Kinect as a default controller?

Source: Kotaku