Guitar Hero… DJ Hero… and now Dance Hero? It would make sense! Activision is famous for making these kind of games and with the recent success of Dance Central you would be crazy not to try to make a succesful Kinect dance game. So yes, it makes sense. But does Dance Hero really exist? Find out after the jump.

Dance Hero Kinect

There are three indicators that Dance Hero Kinect might actually be in development:

  1. Activision trademarked the ‘Dance Hero‘ name. They did this back in 2008, but still, they have the name ready
  2. Activision said they wanted to wait with the development of ‘motion control’ games till they had a better idea of how things went with these games. Now after the success of Dance Central I think they waited long enough
  3. Guitar Hero and DJ Hero are no longer in development at the moment (but they might come back), maybe this was done to free up budget to create Dance Hero

For now this is all speculation, but if it’s true this could become one hell of a dance game.

The question is, will we need another dance game on Kinect? There are plenty already! What do you guys think?